Your chariot awaits! Our fleet of aircraft are made up of three Super Cessna 182s. They're 'SUPER" because of their hybrid engines that deliver 275hp allowing for a short flight (under 20 minutes) to an altitude of 12,500 feet. Each aircraft is equipped with Global Positioning Systems to make every exit spot a perfect one. The windows are low allowing for the enjoyment of beautiful views on the ride up to altitude.

Each aircraft is meticulously maintained by our in house mechanics.

Cessna 182  N2685F

Cessna 182 N2685F

Did you know that the Cessna 182 is one of the most popularly used jump aircraft in the industry? Its ease of use, high performance, and low operating cost make it the backbone of the skydiving industry.

Cessna 182  N2776F

Cessna 182 N2776F

Did You Know?

The Cessna 182 is the second most popular Cessna aircraft, only behind the Cessna 172.

Cessna 182  N8310S

Cessna 182 N8310S

Did You Know?

The Cessna 182 is a non-complex aircraft with "spring steel" landing gear. Very early 182s (1956-1958) have very tall landing gear and sit high off the ground with a long nose strut. The tall gear also allows four jumpers to be out on the step with plenty of room under the wing. Later years saw a shorter, more "squat" landing gear and a wider body by four inches.