Cessna 182 N2685F

Cessna 182  N2685F

Capacity: 4 Jumpers + 1 Pilot

Did You Know?

The Cessna 182 is one of the most popularly used jump aircraft in the industry? Its ease of use, high performance, and low operating cost make it the backbone and go-to aircraft for the skydiving industry.

Cessnas used for skydiving are fitted with a modified door that is hinged at the top. When opened in flight the slipstream holds it open up against the wing. To close it again all you have to do is step on some left rudder. The slipstream then pushes the door back down and you can reach over and close it securely. Because of this modified door ,all occupants are required (by the FAA) to wear a parachute.

Aircraft: CESSNA 182J | Fixed wing single engine | (4 seats / 1 engine)
Engine: CONT MOTOR O-470 SERIES Horsepower: 230 (Reciprocating)