Cessna 182 N8310S

Cessna 182  N8310S

Capacity: 4 Jumpers + 1 Pilot

The Cessna 182 is the workhorse of the skydiving community. It has been in production for a long time and has excellent support from Cessna. It can carry a pilot, four jumpers and enough fuel typically for two loads to 10,000 feet, and is a "high-performance" aircraft with the reliable O-470 engine. It is a non-complex aircraft with "spring steel" landing gear. Very early 182s (1956-1958) have very tall landing gear and sit high off the ground with a long nose strut. The tall gear also allows four jumpers to be out on the step with plenty of room under the wing. Later years saw a shorter, more "squat" landing gear and a wider body by four inches.

Aircraft: CESSNA 182H | Fixed wing single engine | (4 seats / 1 engine)
Engine: CONT MOTOR O-470 SERIES Horsepower: 230 (Reciprocating)

Bo and everyone there was amazing! I can't wait for my second jump! They made it not so scary but a total blast.

» Sara