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Skydiving Doesn't Discriminate

» February 28, 2017

Tired of hate speech and divisiveness? Skydiving erases the philosophical differences between us, dissolving discrimination and providing a way to heal.

Skydiving Terminology Explained

» February 25, 2017

Skydiving, like any sport, has its own language. Here's a glossary of top skydiving terms from Wisconsin Skydiving Center to help you navigate the dropzone.

Do You Have To Be a Daredevil To Love Skydiving?

» February 23, 2017

You might be surprised to find that, "adrenaline junkies" aren't the norm at the dropzone. What you will find is a pretty solid cross-section of humankind.

The Real Truth About Skydiving

» February 21, 2017

The public believes a lot of unfortunate misconceptions about our sport-- mostly perpetuated by the media. Here we offer the real truth about skydiving.

Which Is Safer, Skydiving or SCUBA Diving?

» February 19, 2017

There were 21 fatal skydiving accidents in the US in 2015, which equates to 0.006 fatalities in every 1,000 jumps, according to data from the United States Parachute Association (USPA). In scuba diving in the same year, there were 0.164 deaths per 1,000 dives, as stated in the Diving Medicine for Scuba Divers journal (2015). This means, statistically speaking, skydiving is safer than scuba diving.

The History of Skydiving

» February 19, 2017

Skydiving has a rich history, but it's true advancement began in the 1940s and has rocketed to places we couldn't have imagined just 15 years ago. There's never been a time in skydiving more exciting than today!

Is Skydiving Worth the Money?

» February 2, 2017

Wisconsin Skydiving Center is not the cheapest place in Wisconsin to make a skydive. We don't want to be! WSC's focus is on the entire customer experience--and about helping new jumpers to see what skydiving is really all about. That means that a high-volume, cheap-as-chips skydive model doesn't fit with our company's beloved core values.