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Melissa Jahnke's Check Dive

» December 31, 2014

It has finally come! I am more ready than I will ever be. Everything that I have learned and worked so hard for has come to this one culminating jump. Its time for an AFF "CHECK DIVE".

Melissa Jahnke - Almost There!

» December 30, 2014

It starts to hit me that I am going to be a licensed skydiver by the end of the day! I try to fight back tears, as this means so much to me! I find myself in a dreamlike state, numb with emotion of pure happiness, and disbelief that this dream is coming true.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey To Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 17

» December 18, 2014

Melissa Jahnke takes in a demo knowing that one day she'll be on it and shares her experience with AFF Level 17 as well as her excitement to being so close to achieving her goal!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 16

» December 11, 2014

We begin working right away on swooping position. It will take more groundwork to develop muscle memory, as this is a new maneuver that I haven't done. I practice the entire dive flow with Jake, and then work on my own as he goes up on a jump with Ericka. I send her off with a big hug, and good luck.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 15

» December 4, 2014

The drop zone is hopping. The new AFF students are working diligently with Bo, and there are a bunch of new tandem students arriving for their skydives. Some of my fellow AFF students arrive; McKenzie, Ericka and Joe are all there ready to jump. We start going over the wind patterns.

Black Friday thru Cyber Monday Special: SAVE $50

» November 28, 2014

Our best promotion of the year and you won't find us on GroupOn! Save $50 on a tandem skydive! Click for details!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 14

» November 21, 2014

This week has been filled with bright emotion, as I am within 10 jumps of my check dive! I am centered, and positive, and my momentum is unstoppable. This mental state I am in has my perspectives heightened, and everything seems beautiful, and fragrant. I am in love with life, and nothing can bring me down. I can tell skydiving has literally changed my outlook on everything! I feel so free!

Why Skydive? McKenzie Explains!

» November 14, 2014

McKenzie Genin is an enthusiast of freedom - she does what makes her feel alive which usually involves anything outdoors. This year, she became a skydiver and here, she tells us why.

Why Skydive? Sean Kennedy Explains

» November 11, 2014

Why would anyone jump from a perfectly good plane?! We hear this question a lot and we train a lot of people to become licensed skydivers... so we thought we'd ask them to get their answers. This week, we pick Sean Kennedy's brain...

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 13

» November 10, 2014

Melissa's journey of becoming licensed is getting closer. Her skills are improving and with it, her spirits are soaring. Enjoy this week's read of her AFF Level 13 jump.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 12

» November 1, 2014

I have been very anxious this past week to get back to the drop zone. I can tell the daylight is getting shorter, and there are more and more signs that fall his just around the corner. I sit this Saturday out, as I attend a wedding for my Dad and his new wife Cindy. They are beautiful together, and I am very blessed to have them both. By some miracle, the weather was over cast all day, and it made it easy on me to go an extra day with out jumping.

Why Skydive? Joe Popp Tells His Story

» November 1, 2014

Why would anyone jump from a perfectly good plane? Joe Popp shares why he got started in the sport.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - 2nd Solo Jump

» October 29, 2014

I wait about 10 seconds and Tim nods. I shout "check in, Horizon, up, down..." and then I am off in free fall. I look up as I leave the airplane, and can see it flying away as I begin my free fall. I am free! All alone, and flying solo!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 11

» October 22, 2014

Everyone at work can tell that I am going to be skydiving in a matter of hours. I am rocking out the radio loudly, and moving quick and efficiently. "Today is going to be a great day", I keep repeating to myself. I try not to spend too much time staring at the clock, and just enjoy the momentum I have going. My regular customers come to see me, and are eager to hear about my stories. Many of them tell me I am brave, or crazy. Either way, they always leave with a smile, and a sense satisfaction knowing that they know a skydiver!

10 Questions With Tim Diedrich

» October 22, 2014

Tim Diedrich loves to be outdoors including being 12,000 feet above the earth! Learn about Tim and his passion for skydiving, cooking, hunting and traveling!

10 Questions With Alissa Krantz

» October 14, 2014

Alissa Krantz is a superhero at Wisconsin Skydiving Center! She is the ultimate packer and keeps the operation moving! Oftentimes the packers don't get the glory they deserve, but they are some of the hardest working people on the DZ and Alissa definitely qualifies as one of them!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 10

» October 14, 2014

"Its amazing the natural high that I get from skydiving. It's not an adrenaline rush, but more of a rush on spiritual level. It's hard to describe, but it is nothing like I have ever experienced in my life."

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 9

» October 9, 2014

Leaving your comfort zone and learning to skydive can be an intimidating experience. Melissa Jahnke shares her journey with a candid recap of what it was like to reach her dream of becoming a licensed skydiver.

10 Questions with Laura Duffy

» October 8, 2014

The people at Wisconsin Skydiving Center have become more than just friends, but family and WSC feels like home. I honestly believe that although it was the actual skydiving that captured me, it is the skydiving community that makes this such a meaningful and sustainable endeavor for me.

The Best Skydiving Videos of 2014

» October 3, 2014

We've scoured the interwebs and watched countless skydiving videos from all over the world! We've created our Top 10 list of the best skydiving videos of 2014.... enjoy!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 8

» September 30, 2014

Melissa Jahnke continues to share her journey of becoming a licensed skydiver. Melissa shares her journey of backloops on AFF Level 8.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 7

» September 24, 2014

Becoming a licensed skydiver is a journey filled with highs, lows, great confidence and despondency. Mix in some fear, nervousness and not everyone makes it through. Follow the story of Melissa Jahnke. A mother and wife who works full time to support her family all while living out her dreams.

10 Questions with Jake Lumsden

» September 24, 2014

Jake Lumsden is a skydiver at Wisconsin Skydiving Center. Like others at WSC, Jake was bitten by the skydiving bug in his youth and decided to pursue his curiosity of taking to the sky. He has big dreams for the future and he's going to get them done. Read and learn more about Jake in this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions with Maggie Paucek

» September 17, 2014

Maggie Paucek is a multi-faceted talent with passions based in music (she's performed at Carnegie Hall) a love for meterology and she loves to skydive. Learn more about her in this week's 10 Questions With... Maggie Paucek.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver AFF Level 6

» September 16, 2014

Melissa shares her journal from AFF Level 6 in her road to becoming a certified skydiver. If you've ever thought about becoming a skydiver and wanted to know what it's truly like to become a skydiver without a filter or slant... this is it! Melissa's journey has been insightful and amazing!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 5

» September 9, 2014

The journey of Melissa Jahnke continues with AFF Level 5!

10 Questions with Ryan Kuehn

» September 8, 2014

Ryan Kuehn is an active member at Wisconsin Skydiving Center - he's traveled to all 50 states, has traveled extensively to Japan and has some major aspirations! Learn more about Ryan in this week's 10 Questions With...

The Most Influential Skydiving Movies in History

» September 5, 2014

There have been many movies made about skydiving, but few motivated people to come to the dropzone in droves like our list. For you skydiving movie purists... DropZone and Cutaway didn't make the list (sorry) as the cheese factor was over the top! (Blasphemy!) We've put Fandango in at 6 as an honorable mention because it's a classic, but it may have scared people more than got them to a dropzone!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level 4

» September 3, 2014

The Melissa Jahnke AFF series continues! Melissa shares her journey through AFF Level 4.

10 Questions with Trevor Nagle

» September 3, 2014

Trevor Nagle is a skydiver and college professor. We catch up with him to learn more about his passions and why he decided to start skydiving!

Mastering Skydiving Lingo

» August 31, 2014

If you don't hang around the DZ (Drop Zone) very much, you may be unfamiliar with many of the terms used. Brush up on some skydiving basics that are used everyday without thinking twice. The terms used here center around the basic introduction to skydiving like where we jump and the equipment used.

The Rewards of Skydiving

» August 29, 2014

Many people focus on the risks of skydiving - the risk is real, but few talk about the rewards. The rewards are great and is what keeps us coming back for more, week after week!

Insider Tips To Enhance Your Skydiving Experience

» August 27, 2014

Skydiving: Tips to Help Enhance Your Skydiving Experience!

Before booking your skydive, there are a few tips that can enhance your skydiving experience.

10 Questions With Joel Graves

» August 27, 2014

Joel Graves has an amazing story! Having survived a traumatic motorcycle accident, Joel is living life fully! Learn more about Joel in this week's 10 Questions With...

5 Skydiving Events the World Will Be Watching

» August 25, 2014

Though the summer is nearly over, there's still a lot of skydiving to be had! Here we list five major events that the world will be watching!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level III Attempt 2

» August 25, 2014

This week, we read about Melissa's challenge to get through AFF Level III...

How To Select the Right DropZone

» August 21, 2014

How To Select the Right Drop Zone

There are lots of drop zones in the United States who offer skydiving, but no two drop zones are the same! There isn't a manual out there telling you what to look for.... so we're here to share some insider knowledge!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level III

» August 20, 2014

Melissa Jahnke continues her journey through AFF - In this week's article, Melissa shares her thoughts as she tackles an AFF Level III jump - a challenging skydive for many beginners going through the program!

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver - AFF Level II

» August 14, 2014

Melissa Jahnke is stepping out of her comfort zone and is on the road to becoming a licensed skydiver. She's fallen in love with the sport and she shares her inner thoughts, excitment and insecurities of the steep learning curve required to become a certified skydiver. We're rooting for her every step of the way!

Top 10 Record Breaking Skydives!

» August 12, 2014

It's an amazing feat to be a world record holder in anything - but to be a record holder in skydiving means you're pushing the limits of what anyone thought was possible. We list our Top 10 Record Breaking Skydives!

10 Questions with Melissa Jahnke

» August 11, 2014

Melissa Jahnke is an aspiring skydiver at Wisconsin Skydiving Center. She is writing a series about becoming a licensed skydiver, so we though it appropriate to learn more about her. This week we feature Melissa Jahnke in our weekly 10 Questions With... series.

Melissa Jahnke: My Journey to Becoming a Skydiver

» August 5, 2014

Melissa Jahnke has fallen in love - In love with skydiving! Melissa shares her journey - thoughts, feelings and emotions as she begins the road to realizing her dreams as a certified, licensed skydiver. Follow this series and be amazed by her journey!

Top 10 Reasons To Skydive

» August 5, 2014

Why would anyone jump out of a perfectly good airplane? We give you 10 GREAT REASONS!!!

10 Questions with Jordan Lombard

» August 4, 2014

How do you define Jordan Lombard? One word: PASSIONATE!! Jordan has a different way of looking at life... and we can all learn from him!

The Wisconsin Adventure List

» August 4, 2014

Our community is made of personalities big on adventure and enjoying free time as much as anyone! It dawned on us... when it comes to adventure and things to do in Wisconsin, few are more qualified to share the best places to go than our staff and community of skydivers. So we present to you... The Top 10 Adventures in Wisconsin!!!

10 Questions with Tasha Morgan

» July 29, 2014

Meet Tasha Morgan - mother of two, athlete and an experienced skydiver with 20 years of skydiving experience! She's been around the sport her whole life and has much knowledge to share. Learn more about the amazing Tasha in this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions with Jocelyn Dawson

» July 24, 2014

Jocelyn Dawson is a well-traveled skydiver, World War II history buff, trained singer and aspiring actor...her interests are fascinating and you can learn more about her and her passions in this week's 10 Questions With....

10 Questions with Bo Babovic

» July 17, 2014

Bo Babovic is the co-owner of Wisconsin Skydiving Center with his wife, Alex. Bo looks at the the world and the challenges of life through a different lens... in struggle, he sees opportunity for improvement and in times of joy, he embraces the moment. Bo takes the ordinary and tries to make it extraordinary and it's because of this passion why WSC has the amazing culture it has. Enjoy, the insights of Bo with this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions with Alexander Henson

» July 7, 2014

Alex Henson is a true adrenaline junke! Aside from skydiving, he enjoys ATVs, motocross, motorcycle and snowboard riding in addition to SCUBA diving, cliff diving, surfing and snowboarding. In two short weeks, Alex will be living out a lifelong dream - joining the US Marine Corps. Learn more about Alex in this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions With Luke Pinion

» July 1, 2014

Luke Pinion showed up at WSC as a tall and skinny teenager to do a tandem skydive and left having been transformed by the experience. Today, Luke does it all at WSC as a tandem and AFF instructor as well as videographer and occasional manifester. We feature Luke in this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions with Jenny Buck

» June 27, 2014

Everyone has a unique and interesting story and Jenny Buck is no different! The convergance of interesting backgrounds and interests makes up a great culture within an organization and Jenny contributes to that. Read about Jenny, her interests and how she got into skydiving in this week's 10 Questions With... Jenny Buck.

10 Questions with Alex Kolacio

» June 17, 2014

Alex Kolacio is not just the co-owner of WSC, but also the master of detail that helps keep everything and everyone together. Alex is passionate about her family, the dropzone and the community of skydivers and guests who call WSC home. Read about her story both in and out of skydiving in this week's 10 Questions with...Alex Kolacio.

Tom Miller of the Janesville Gazette Jumps at WSC

» June 16, 2014

Tom Miller recently made a skydive at WSC and shared the details of his experience. Click to read about his candid experience!

Diary of a New Skydiver - Entry III

» June 14, 2014

Ericka Bailey is a new skydiver with the goal of becoming a licensed, solo jumper. In this blog series, Ericka shares her honest thoughts on the challenges of achieving her goals.

9 Questions Jim Faull

» June 10, 2014

Jim Faull is PASSIONATE about flying airplanes. He's got flying in veins and has many aspirations in aviation. Learn all about Jim in this week's 9 Questions With... Jim Faull.

10 Questions with Kim Laufenberg

» June 1, 2014

Kim Laufenberg is not your ordinary girl. Skydiver, rugby player, world traveler and a soon to be member of the Peace Corps in Africa! Learn all about her in this week's 10 Questions With...

10 Questions with Dan Schultz

» May 21, 2014

Dan Schultz doesn't dream of the life he hopes to have... Dan Schultz is living the life he's dreamt of living. Read about him and his many interests in this week's 10 Questions With... Dan Schultz.

10 Questions with Shawn Myers

» May 11, 2014

If you've spent anytime at Wisconsin Skydiving Center then you know Shawn Myers! He is PUMPED about skydiving and LOVES the sport! He just completed his 300th skydive a couple of weeks ago and continues to add to the WSC culture!

Ericka Bailey: The Diary of a New Skydiver Entry 2

» May 7, 2014

Skydiving is hard. As someone who has many things in life come very easily to me, I have to say that this has been one of the biggest challenges I have undertaken. This applies mentally, emotionally, physically.

10 Questions with Christie Munn

» May 5, 2014

Christie Munn was an AFF student last year and got her license. She became a packer towards the end of last season and is now going to start training for manifest. She is shy, brilliant, and funny and works with stem cell research and programs robots. Even though she is fairly new to our staff, she fits in and is loved by all as if she had been here forever. Learn more about Christie with this weeks 10 Questions With...

Ericka Bailey: The Diary of a New Skydiver

» April 23, 2014

"I'm not a superhero, I'm a mom. I take care of people for a living. I'm not a daredevil. But I couldn't get that feeling out of my heart- that this was what I wanted, no, needed to do. This would be living." An excerpt from student Ericka Bailiey who is going through AFF at Wisconsin Skydiving Center.

10 Questions with Jeff Nelson

» April 21, 2014

Jeff is the chief pilot at WSC and an AMAZING pilot! Jeff is part of our drop zone family and has been with us for a long time. We are grateful to have Jeff for his integrity, experience, expertise. Learn about him with this weeks 9 Questions With... (this week, it's 10 Questions).

9 Questions with Charlie Rogers

» April 20, 2014

Charlie is a valued member of the Wisconsin Skydiving Center instructional staff and has been with us since DAY. NUMBER. ONE. Read and learn all about Charlie in this week's 9 Questions with... Charlie Rogers.

9 Questions with Chris Boeve

» April 14, 2014

Chris Boeve is a special member of the WSC team. He first appeared at AtmosphAir at the age of 14 and literally became a dropzone kid as Bo taught him how to pack. From there, it was skies the limit. He's a popular member of the community and never has a negative word to say about anything. He's a positive influence and has gained the respect of everyone in the WSC community.

A Double Amputee and a National Champion - Meet Alistair Hodgson

» April 6, 2014

Here at WSC we believe in overcoming obstacles, facing your fears and achieving your greatness. Alistair Hodgson inspired us!

Nine Questions with Rita Kempfert

» April 6, 2014

In the words of DropZone owners Bo and Alex, Rita Kempfert is "Small but her presence is large. She is an incredibly hard worker who rolls up their sleeves and gets things done."

World Record - Jumper Lands Smallest Parachute

» April 5, 2014

The most advanced skydivers in the world usually jump between a 90 square foot and a 106 square foot parachute - the new world record was a mere 35!!!!

Jumper Spotlight: 9 Questions with Kevin Bukstein

» April 1, 2014

Are you looking for inspiration? Look no further than our own Kevin Bukstein. This month's Parachutist Magazine features Kevin in the section, "How Skydiving Changed My Life." Kevin's story is inspiring and proves that if you can dream it, then you can do it.

AtmosphAIR becomes Wisconsin Skydiving Center

» March 1, 2014

Change is in the air at AtmosphAIR!!! We have a new vibrant look and we're excited to present our new logo, company colors, company name and website.

Very professional staff who work with you all the way through the process. Gives you confidence and allows you to fully enjoy the experience.

» Allen Ruppel