Are you an experienced skydiver? Come join us! Wisconsin Skydiving Center has three Cessna 182's and a GREAT community of people! We'd love to jump with you!

Experienced Pricing

Day Option Cost Gear Rental
Sunday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Thursday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Friday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Saturday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00

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Our party went from 4 jumpers last year to 9 jumpers this year. 7 people have already bought their jumps for next year....We shared good food, great conversation and even better skydiving adventures. Thank you for another wonderful event see you next year!!

» Bridgid Ronan-Stollenwerk