Are you an experienced skydiver? Come join us! Wisconsin Skydiving Center has three Cessna 182's and a GREAT community of people! We'd love to jump with you!

Experienced Pricing

Day Option Cost Gear Rental
Sunday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Monday Closed
Tuesday Closed
Wednesday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Thursday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Friday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00
Saturday Lift Ticket $24.00 $25.00

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I just want to thank you and your staff for making yet another day at WSC an amazing experience. Everyone at WSC has always made us feel comfortable, relaxed and able to enjoy the experience of a lifetime. When I get groups together, the one thing I always stress to everyone is how all of you make it a wonderful experience.

» J Naramore