Video Services

Relive your skydive experience over and over again as we capture the door opening and you stepping out into the atmosphere! You'll share your video with your friends, family, the UPS man, your favorite bartender, or random people off the street! It's worth it and you won't be disappointed!

Video Services

Option Cost
Free Fall Video - DVD $89.00
Freefall Video and Stills Photography - DVD and CD of photography $109.00

The video will tell the whole story of your skydive: the training, gear up, boarding the plane, the ride up to altitude, hook up, the door opening, climbing out, exit, freefall (from a few feet away), the parachute opening, the canopy flight, landing, hugs and high fives...

Your first skydive will be intense ... its likely you will experience sensory overload, tunnel vision, and miss some (or most) of it. The video will capture everything, even that expression of terror on your face when the door comes open....

Our videos are real time, authentic scenes of your actual skydive. They are computer edited, with great music and appropriate slow motions.. The best part, is that its ready 20 minutes after you land so you get to enjoy it here with your friends and family. Usually there are a lot of laughs, sometimes tears (of joy).

Still, after all of this being said, if you still have any doubt, we have a full satisfaction policy. If, for any reason, you are not completely happy with your video, you get a full refund.

...but you made us feel like you all were as excited as we were for our 1st jump. Everyone was very informative, exciting and made our 1st jump amazing.

» Nate Hunter