Who We Are

Who We Are

Wisconsin Skydiving Center is truly a family-owned business. Bo and Alex total over seventeen thousand skydives and 55 years of experience in the sport between the two of them.

Bo Babovic and Alex Kolacio

Bo was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1957. He showed a predisposition for skydiving at a very young age. After many bruises and stitches, he figured out that freefall without a parachute is not a good idea. He always loved to play with strings, threads, ropes, and bungees.

Bo made his first skydive at the age of 17 and hasn't stopped since. He tried his hand at rock climbing and scuba diving in his twenties and thirties, teaching both in the skydiving off season, but skydiving won his heart. He competed in formation skydiving at an international level. He served as an officer in Special Forces. Between skydives and other extreme sports, Bo managed to earn a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Being in the Fear Management Business (aka Skydiving), his Psychology Degree comes in handy every day. Bo spent the first fifteen years of his skydiving career in Europe and moved to the US in 1990. He worked as a skydiving instructor and rigger in Florida and in Hawaii before buying into an existing skydiving business in the Chicago area in the mid '90s and later selling it and opening AtmosphAIR (now WSC) with Alex in 1998. Bo has over 13,000 jumps, he is a Skydiving Instructor/Examiner, as well as a Safety and Training advisor for the United States Parachute Association. He is a Commercial Pilot, an FAA certified Master Parachute Rigger, and Certified Aircraft Mechanic with Inspection Authorization. Bo trains our instructors in-house, maintains our equipment in-house, and maintains our aircraft in-house - this contributes greatly to making us the safest skydiving center in the nation. Bo's greatest passion is teaching and he's happiest working with students. He has been teaching skydiving for 30 years now and has taken over 8,000 people on their first jump. He has licensed more than 1000 skydivers, some of them going on to be stunt men and world class skydivers.

"Skydiving gave my life direction, meaning.... it made me physically fit, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned with purpose beyond my immediate needs." - Bo Babovic

Alex was born in the US in 1967, but moved to Europe a few months later and spent her early years living mostly in Italy, with a few years in Austria. She never had any desire to skydive, not many bruises, and no stitches. She actually claimed to be afraid of heights her whole life. She moved back to the States during her high school years and has been here ever since. She earned a degree in Marketing and International Business from New York University in 1988, and still had no intention of skydiving. On a business trip to Europe in 1996, she got "talked into" a tandem skydive. She didn't sleep the entire night before her skydive, was terrified beyond belief (which no one told her was perfectly normal) and therefore thought it was an omen that she was going to die. Well, she didn't die and actually had an amazing time - by the time she landed from her jump she was ready to sign on the dotted line and join the certification program. Her first jump has been the best day of her life (to date). She got certified upon her return to the US and has been jumping ever since. She now has over 4500 jumps. Alex is most probably who you will talk to when you call with questions or to schedule your jump. If you choose to get a video of your skydive , it is highly likely that she will be the one doing it, and if you decide to continue and get certified, she will be one of your Accelerated Freefall Instructors. Alex is involved in raising awareness for Breast Cancer Research and has participated in Jump for the Cause - a benefit put on by women worldwide to raise awareness and funds for Breast Cancer Research. She is a World Record Holder. In 2004, Alex was appointed by the United States Parachute Association as a Safety & Training Advisor.

"Freefall is the most purifying experience I've ever had. It is all about the here and now - no outside distractions, no mind chatter. I land, and I can't wait to go up again." - Alex Kolacio

Bo and Alex have three children, Olivia 10, Sofia 8 and Lucas 6. Wisconsin Skydiving Center truly is a family-run business.

Thank you to Johnathan for being my tandem parter on this day and helping me open my heart and soul to something that my brother loved.

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