Safety Record

The time to think about safety is not after you've jumped out of the airplane. Before you put yourself in freefall, choose your support team wisely.

Skydiving is not just another ride, it's the real thing. We are proud of our Safety Record. No matter what the claims are, no other Skydiving Center in the nation can boast our Safety Record. Your safety is our FIRST priority:

  • Our team is comprised of some of the finest skydiving instructors you will ever meet. Their expertise, attitude and courage defines safety at Wisconsin Skydiving Center.
  • The owners, husband and wife team of Bo and Alex, are seasoned skydivers who have been in the business for over 35 years, love what they do, and are very enthusiastic about sharing the wonderful world of skydiving with their students. Together they have accumulated over 17,000 jumps.
  • Our equipment is the best available on the market today. We are constantly updating it with the newest and best.
  • We always wear two parachutes, a main parachute and a reserve parachute as a back up.
  • All our parachutes are equipped with digital Automatic Activation Devices. If, for whatever reason, your parachute is not open by 1,900', it will automatically be deployed.
  • All our airplanes are equipped with a Global Positioning System which makes our exit spot absolutely accurate and ensures that we land in our intended landing area.
  • Bo, who is an FAA Certified Master Parachute Rigger, with over 35 years of parachute rigging experience, personally maintains all of our parachutes.
  • Bo also holds an FAA Aircraft Mechanic License with Inspection Authorization and he personally maintains our fleet of aircraft.
  • To ensure your safety on landing, all our tandem students are instructed to pick up their feet and allow their instructor to touch the ground first.
  • Our landing area is large and unobstructed.

"A Skydiving Center is only as good as its Safety Record."