Jon Morgan

Tandem Instructor | AFF Instructor | Commercial Pilot | A&P I/A | Demo Team | Videographer

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Tandem Instructor, Coach, Pro/Exhibition

Jumps: 1700+

USPA: D-29103

About Jon Morgan

Jon started skydiving on a whim. "A group of friends decided one night it was a good idea and we scheduled our first jump."

By day Jon is an aircraft mechanic and his primary job is overhauling DC3s. He is a commercial pilot and was also in the air force for 11 years. With this background, skydiving was a natural fit. After his first jump he knew this was something he was going to continue doing. Since 2004, Jon has made over 1700 jumps, he worked his way from the packing mat, to shooting video, to becoming an instructor. Jon met his wife at WSC, she is also a skydiver. In 2009 they were married.... at the drop zone!

Bo and everyone there was amazing! I can't wait for my second jump! They made it not so scary but a total blast.

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