Ken McKennon

Videographer | Demo Team

Jumps: 1000+

USPA: C-34600

About Ken McKennon

Ken made his first jump in 2003 with a friend and two weeks later did a second tandem and signed up for the AFF course and finished his training that very summer. He learned to video fly the next year and has been filming tandems every since.

"I have always loved the thrill of extreme sports and when I started skydiving it became my passion. I love recording the experience of people as they make their first jump, just as with my first jump I relive it every time I watch it.
When Skydiving you're in the moment and the stress of life is gone and it also gives you a feeling of "I can do anything if I can jump out of a plane". It is an experience everyone needs to try once!!!"

Our party went from 4 jumpers last year to 9 jumpers this year. 7 people have already bought their jumps for next year....We shared good food, great conversation and even better skydiving adventures. Thank you for another wonderful event see you next year!!

» Bridgid Ronan-Stollenwerk