Sam Ruesink

Video Editor

Jumps: 1

About Sam Ruesink

Sam is from Watertown, Wisconsin, and is a student at Watertown High School. He started making short films and videos at a young age, and has continued to learn and improve his skills. At age eleven he won honorable mention and $50 in an online stock footage editing contest, in which all of the other contestants were adults. At age 17, he's had his work featured and awarded in film festivals, has a YouTube channel with over 220,000 views, runs a website, had a clip he recorded featured on national news (Sports Center, Fox Sports 1, and several others), and has been an intern at Watertown Cable 13 for five years. He has also done several weddings and other video projects for various clients. He hopes to go on to major in Film Production/Directing in College. Sam also enjoys playing blues and jazz guitar, playing varsity tennis, and playing basketball with his friends. Sam was introduced to Wisconsin Skydiving Center through Jenny Buck, and started editing skydiving videos in June of 2015, where he has, so far, edited over 600 videos and counting.

It has been just more than 24 hours since my first tandem jump and I am still smiling and still enjoying the memory of the experience.

» Bobbi Forman