Tim Diederich

Tandem Instructor | Coach | Videographer

Ratings: Coach, Tandem Instructor

Jumps: 1200+

USPA: D-30060

About Tim Diederich

Tim made his first Tandem Skydive in the spring of 2006, and says he really didn't know what to expect. "The feeling I had when we reached the ground was indescribable -- I was hooked! I came out the following weekend and made my second tandem. That very day I signed up for the AFF Program, and was certified by the end of summer." Upon earning his license, he worked hard and learned how to fly with a video camera. He videoed tandem students for quite a while and this inspired him to become a Tandem Instructor so that he could share this sport with others. "Skydiving has given me many good memories and I look forward to making many more in the years to come."


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