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Wisconsin Skydiving Center is the destination for skydiving Janesville, WI. Located right off of WI-26 in Jefferson, WI, we are just a short 30-minute drive north of Janesville. Our family-owned and operated skydiving center welcomes guests of all experience levels, from first-time skydivers to experienced fun jumpers. Our long-standing reputation for providing quality service and safety-focused skydiving, have helped make us Southern Wisconsin’s premier skydiving center for nearly 20 years.

Who We Are

Established in 1998, Wisconsin Skydiving Center is a small, family-owned business focused on providing safe, fun and empowering skydiving experiences to jumpers of all ages and abilities. Owners Bo and Alex have more than 55 years of combined skydiving experience and over 17,000 skydives between the two of them! Their goal is to provide a truly personal skydiving experience for each of their guests. When you jump at WSC, you are never “just a number”.

Directions to Wisconsin Skydiving Center from Janesville, WI

  • Take WI-26 N toward Ft. Atkinson
  • Take the Wisconsin 26 Business exit toward Ft. Atkinson
  • Turn right onto WI-26 BUS
  • Turn left onto County Rd K

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