Preparing For Your Jump

What You Need To Know

Thanks for scheduling your Tandem with us here at Wisconsin Skydiving Center!
In the interest of making your skydive as safe and smooth as possible, we have created this list for you to review prior to arrival.

1. WHAT TO BRING: Photo ID is a must. Bring your friends and family. Please, no dogs allowed at the airport. Feel free to use our gas grill, bring coolers, food, etc. Make a day out of it! If you are using a jump voucher or gift certificate, you must bring that with you also.

2. WHAT TO WEAR: Sneakers are a must. Shorts and t-shirts for warm days. For cooler weather, layers of thin clothing are better than bulky cargo pants or hooded sweatshirts. Eyeglasses and contact lenses are fine, we will provide you with goggles.

3. DIRECTIONS: You may go to the directions page for accurate step by step directions to Wisconsin Skydiving Center. Please get directions before you leave home. We are sorry, but on the day of your skydive, we cannot give you (and your spectators) directions over the phone as our staff is involved with training and skydiving.

4. IN CASE OF A RAINY / WINDY DAY: The weather forecast changes very many times in a week.  We will not make any weather decisions until the day of your skydive.  We will contact you two hours prior to your reservation time, to reschedule your jump if the weather is not cooperative, so please have your phone with you and be sure you have entered an accurate phone number as well as email address in our system. If you have not heard from us either via email or over the phone, and you are uncertain about the weather, or live farther than two hours away, feel free to call us before you get on the road. If we need to reschedule your appointment due to weather, you WILL NOT LOSE YOUR DEPOSIT, we will simply transfer it to the date which you reschedule to.  Deposits do not expire and will carry over to next season if necessary.

5. CANCELLATION POLICY: Deposits are not refundable. You may change the date of your reservation with no penalty if you do so at least 10 days prior to your scheduled appointment.

6. METHODS OF PAYMENT: We do not accept checks. All of our prices are cash discount prices. If you would like to pay with a credit card, we accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. There is, however, a 4% surcharge for using a credit card. There is no ATM at our facilities, so please bring cash needed.

200-240 lbs – $50 surcharge, lower exit altitude
240-280 lbs – $100 surcharge, lower exit altitude

Exiting from a lower altitude minimizes parachute opening forces. Lower exit altitude = lower terminal velocity = softer deployment of the parachute.

Heavier students are more demanding on our instructors and for our equipment during exit, opening, and especially during landing. WSC feels it is only fair to compensate our instructors for that extra workload.

8. VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY OF YOUR SKYDIVE: Most people choose to get a DVD video and a CD with still photographs of their skydive. These tell the story of your Tandem: your training, gear up, boarding the aircraft, the flight to exit altitude, climbout and exit, freefall (the videographer is only a few feet away from you in freefall), the parachute flight, the landing and all the euphoria after your feet touch the ground.

If you’re unsure about getting video at this time, you can always decide to get video when you arrive at WSC, on the day of your jump. The cost for one (either video or digital photography) is $89 and for the package with both Video and Photos is $109. We offer an upgrade to  our branded USB lanyard for an extra $10.

9. TIME REQUIRED: Upon arrival, please check in at the front desk. Kindly arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time in order to complete paperwork prior to training. Expect to be at the skydiving center for up to half a day, but please feel free to spend the day with us if you’d like to. We can assure you that this will be one of the best experiences of your life and suggest not making too many plans for after your jump so that you have time to “take it all in”.


Q: Should I eat before?
A: We recommend eating a light meal beforehand. Avoid eating heavy foods or anything that might upset your stomach.

Q: Do people get motion sickness?
A: Nobody has ever gotten sick in freefall. People susceptible to motion sickness may feel quesy once the parachute opens. If you have any concerns, take your regular motion sickness medications prior to your jump and inform your instructor.

Q: Is it customary to tip my instructors?
A: While our staff never expect to be tipped, it is welcomed and much appreciated. If you feel we did an excellent job and exceeded your expectations, tips are good karma. If there’s something you think we could do better, please let us know either before you leave, or by emailing us at We strive to keep WSC top notch and your input is always appreciated.

Q: Can two people share one video?
A: Not really. Two people can be in each other’s videos during the gear up and during the airplane ride, however, during exit and freefall you will be so far apart that its impossible to film both of you at the same time. Freefall is the most valuable part of the experience, and therefore, the best part of your video!

Q: If I have a GoPro camera or a similar small camera, am I permitted to bring it with me on my skydive?
A: No outside cameras are permitted on your skydive due to safety reasons. There are no exceptions. The United States Parachute Association mandates that skydivers have a minimum of 200 jumps prior to taking a camera into freefall.

We hope this has answered your questions of what to expect and how to prepare for your upcoming skydive. Please visit our FAQ page for answers to more questions.