Jake Lumsden


Meet Jake

Ratings: Tandem Instructor | Coach

Jumps: 600+

USPA: D-35415

With aspirations of learning to fly, Jake’s uncle had taken him up for a flight in a small aircraft. Near the Jefferson area, they heard “Jumpers Away” over the radio and decided to land to have a look. The following year in 2009, Jake made his first skydive and has been jumping ever since. Within the following five years, Jake has made over 300 jumps acquiring a C license and Coach rating.

Jake lives in Janesville, but works in Madison as part of a technical assistance team for a relay service that provides telecommunication assistance to people who are deaf or hard of hearing. Aside from skydiving Jake enjoys hunting, hiking, camping, climbing and spending time outdoors.

“After that first skydive at WSC, I knew it was just the beginning of a new adventure. Looking back I can say that making that first jump was the single most positive influential event in my life to date. It has provided me with direction and goals as well as satisfying my craving for human flight! This journey wouldn’t have been the same without the unconditional support from everyone at WSC. The atmosphere is one of a kind.”