Jessica Downing


Meet Jessica

Ratings: Coach, AFF-I, IAD-I, Videographer
Jumps: 1300+

Jessica’s first tandem was at Wisconsin Skydiving Center in 2016. She received my jump as a birthday gift, but was entirely against going because of her insane fear of heights. When Jessica arrived, the last thing she was thinking about were all of the people there jumping on their own, or the instructors. Jessica did not see it as a career. She jumped, despite her fear, and fell completely in love with it. The thought of getting her own license wasn’t even on her radar. Jessica chose to do two more tandems before she decided she wanted to go for her license in 2017. Through the next few years, Jessica jumped like crazy, continued to overcome a lot of fears, and was introduced to a whole new world within, instructing. Her love for the sport and its people turned into the deepest passion she has ever felt. Jessica has found where she belonged, and what she was meant to do. Jessica has been full time staff since 2020, falling more in love with the community, and sport, each and every day.

In her own words,
“Skydiving entirely (cliche comment incoming) changed my life. I found meaning and purpose. It is a wonderful community, who truly loves, is invested, and involved in the well-being of others, jumping out of planes is just a super cool bonus. I am grateful to call WSC home, and to call all of its people, first timers, students, sport jumpers and instructors alike, family.”

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A lady smiles while in free fall during a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee, WI

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