Sean Kennedy


Meet Sean

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach, IAD Instructor, Video/Camera flier, PRO class canopy pilot

Jumps: 2000+

USPA License: D-37877

Growing up competing and racing in extreme sports like motocross and snowboarding, Sean always knew skydiving would be something he would love. Sean had seen every Travis Pastrana video imaginable and wanted to be just like him. When he spotted a tandem skydiving gift certificate at a cancer fundraiser, Sean thought he’d give it a shot. Landing from his first tandem, he was overcome with all of the feelings he was searching for. Wean purchased a second one immediately and upon landing from that, signed up for AFF (the program to become a solo licensed skydiver) and 3 weeks later he was holding his very own USPA “A” license.

Within a few months Sean had sold his dirtbikes, bought all my own skydiving equipment, and went all in. He started jumping to improve my flying skills as much as possible and in June of 2018 he had earned my coach rating, and a slot in rotation as a camera flier. Starting to work in the sport really changed everything for him, and he fell completely in love with not only sharing the experience of someone’s first skydive with them, but being able to hand them an awesome video and pictures of the entire experience afterwards.

One of the things about skydiving that Sean loves the most is that it seems to have an unlimited amount of avenues to journey down. Sean has now worked his way up to being a part of state and world record attempts in freefall, winning several medals under canopy at nationals, and earning his AFF instructor rating and working with new students. All come with their own set of amazing challenges and rewards, but the thing that keeps him involved so heavily in the sport more than any other is the community and the people, and there’s no better dropzone in the world in that aspect than right here at Wisconsin Skydiving Center.

When Sean is not skydiving or at the dropzone, he is a Master Electrician. He owns and operates Southeast Electrical Services (Based out of Waukesha if you’re local and looking!), and he tries to spend as much time as he can with his family and dog Sky.

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