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Get Licensed


Our training program has been developed as a result of 40 years of in house experience and is in accordance with The United States Parachute Association (USPA) Accelerated Freefall Program. It is the most comprehensive, modern, and safe method of skydiving training in the world today. It will take you from the ground up, all the way through your Skydiving License in as little as 25 jumps (tandem included). Our program provides continuity of instruction that very few skydiving schools in the country have. The word "accelerated" refers to the pace of student progression and is the most effective training method to become a licensed skydiver. Those who get certified through the AFF program are statistically 40% more skilled than skydivers who get certified through any other program. This program is demanding and intensive but it's the heart of the skydiving experience. Being able to skydive by yourself, is one of the greatest accomplishments ever!

In reality, any program hinges on instructors. Our instructors are REAL people, open, approachable, down to earth. They are experienced, skilled, able, and will do everything in their power to see you through to achieving your goals.

A tandem skydive is required prior to joining the Accelerated Freefall Program.

This is such a wonderful welcoming staff and facility. I jumped for the 4th time recently, and I have to say each jump just keeps getting better and better. Thanks Milan, Alex, Bo, and everyone at WSC for the fantastic memories. I will be back!!

» Donna Cox