AFF Course Costs

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AFF Program Costs

There is nothing that compares to the sense of accomplishment you feel as you progress towards your skydiving license! This process is one of the most challenging and rewarding achievements to be earned in this lifetime.

As with any serious goal, becoming a licensed skydiver requires a commitment of both time and money on the part of the student. To better accommodate our students, you can pay for your jumps as you go, and WSC also offers flexible scheduling for our AFF program.

A complete list of required AFF jumps and their associated costs can be viewed in the AFF pricing table below.

* A tandem skydive is required prior beginning the AFF Program. The tandem jump will count towards the number of jumps required for an A-License (25 jumps).

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Pricing


Training Skydives Information Cost
Jump 1 AFF - first jump with your own parachute. An amazing sense of accomplishment! $290.00
Jump 2 Awareness skydive - altitude, body - more control in freefall. $210.00
Jump 3 Your release dive - your instructors release you and you freefall on your own. $210.00
Jump 4 You have now graduated to only one instructor accompanying you in freefall. $170.00
Jump 5 You will learn how to do turns and move forward in freefall. $170.00
Jump 6 More maneuvers of forward motion and turns. $170.00
Jump 7 You will learn how to track - one step closer to being a bird man. $170.00
Jump 8 You will perform acrobats in freefall. $170.00
Jump 9 Now you know enough to freefall by yourself. $59.00
Jump 10 Advanced maneuvers in freefall. $94.00
Jump 11 You now get to combine upper and lower body to make spot turns. $94.00
Jump 12 Fast / slow freefall speed. $94.00
Jump 13 Formation flying - moving forward to dock on your coach. $94.00
Jump 14 Adjusting speed and forward motion to dock on your coach. $94.00
Jump 15 Even more of a challenge - speed adjusting, turns, and docking on your coach. $94.00
Jump 16 Dive out of the plane and down to dock on your coach. $94.00
Jump 17 More practice on swooping down to your coach. $94.00
Jump 18 Lower exit altitude - 5,000' emergency simulation jump. $59.00
Jump 19 Lower exit altitude - 3,500' emergency simulation jump. $59.00
Jump 20 Solo #1 - this can be used whenever you need a extra practice. $59.00
Jump 21 Solo #2 - this can be used whenever you need a extra practice. $59.00
Jump 22 Solo #3 - this can be used whenever you need a extra practice. $59.00
Jump 23 Preparation for your first freefall test. $94.00
Jump 24 United States Parachute Association License Check Dive $170.00


In reality, the quality of any AFF program hinges on its instructors. At WSC, our instructors are REAL people who are open, approachable, and down to earth. They are experienced, skilled, able, and will do everything in their power to see you through to achieving your goals.

With our stringent attention to safety, state-of-the-art equipment, and highly experienced coaches, our AFF program will set you up for success as an independent skydiver.


A United States Parachute Association skydiving license enables you to skydive at any Drop Zone in the world. There are over 250 Drop Zones in the U.S. alone, with your USPA License you will be welcome at any of them. Throw your parachute in the trunk of your car and you will make friends anywhere you go!

Have Additional Questions About AFF?

Please contact us! We’d be more than happy to discuss the program with you and answer any questions you may have. You can also give us a call at 920-568-1700.

A lady smiles while in free fall during a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee, WI

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