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Training Program Rates

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Licensed skydiver flying under a blue and yellow canopy

Learn To Skydive Rates

Phase 1: Tandem Skydive

Jump InformationCostLearn More
Jump 1 (Tandem Skydive) VariesCheck Out Tandem Pricing

Phase 2: Solo Exit & Canopy Flight

Jump InformationCost
Jump 2 (3 Hour Ground School/Training)
Training Solo exit, solo parachute flight and landing.
Jump 3 & 4
Solo exit, solo parachute flight and landing. Preparation for Freefall training.
$120 each

Phase 3: Freefall Work

Training SkydivesCost
Jump 5 (3 Hour Ground School/Training)
Exit and freefall with 2 Instructors; solo parachute deployment.
Jump 6
Expansion of awareness; getting comfortable in freefall. Accompanied by 2 Instructors.
Jump 7
First taste of pure human flight – true solo freefall, flying your own body! Accompanied by 2 Instructors.
Jump 8
By this point you’ll have achieved the freefall skill and knowledge to jump with just 1 Instructor!
Jump 9 & 10
Practice turns, forward movement and other maneuvers in freefall. Accompanied by 1 Instructor.
$170 each
Jump 11
Now you’re really flying! Practice tracking in freefall; explore the sky! Accompanied by 1 Instructor.
Jump 12
Accompanied by 1 Instructor, you’ll intentionally lose and regain stability through acrobatics – a huge confidence builder!
Jump 13
You’re in charge! By this point, you’ll have mastery of enough skills to make your first, truly solo jump – no instructors!
Jump 14-19
Build on skills and mechanics through one-on-one coaching to grow into a competent, confident, self sufficient skydiver! Work on a series of fun and important maneuvers, including turns, spot turns, fast/slow freefall, formation flying, docking, and adjusting speed.
$95 each
Jump 20 & 21
Your first official hop n pops! Continue to build your confidence by jumping from lower altitudes.
$64 each
Jump 22 - 24
Practice advanced maneuvers with your coach in preparation for your skydiving license check dive. Includes swooping, docking, and tracking.
$95 each

Phase 4: Certification

Jump InformationCost
Jump 25 (A License Check Dive)
The pressure is on! Jump with a freefall instructor, performing a series of maneuvers to demonstrate self-sufficiency, altitude awareness, safe canopy flying, and landing.

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