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We’re excited to be offering our first-ever, public Black Friday promotion! This is the only discount we offer during our calendar year and we hope you’ll ‘jump’ on it (sorry, pun totally intended)! If you’ve been thinking about skydiving or wishing to give someone the gift of skydiving, this is a great promotion to grab onto!

So, here’s the deal!!! Beginning on Black Friday (November 24th, 2017), we’ll be offering gift certificates for a tandem skydive for $179 ($50 OFF). This is as low as we go, so we promise you won’t find a better deal from us. We don’t do Groupon or work with other third-party discounting websites.

Visit our website from Black Friday thru Cyber Monday (November 27th) to capture the deal!

Our Pricing

Our skydiving rates reflects the quality of our service. Attention to detail, uncompromising maintenance of airplanes and parachutes, as well as the quality of training and certification of our instructors is what separates us from the crowd. We don’t offer the cheapest skydiving prices in Wisconsin; however, we do offer the best skydiving experience money can buy.

Personal attention is what you can expect at WSC. We will transform your skydive from simply jumping out of an airplane into a truly life-changing experience.

Tandem Rates
Jump Information Cost Book Online
Tandem Skydive First Tandem Jump
*Higher price if over 200lbs.
$229 Book Now
*Black Friday Sale* SALE Goes LIVE on Black Friday thru Cyber Monday!
*Higher price if over 200lbs.
$179 Book Now
Video Services
Option Information Cost
Freefall Video DVD $89.00
Freefall Video & Stills Photography DVD and CD of photography $109.00
Freefall Video & Stills Photography on USB USB with video and photography $119.00
Tandem Specials
Tandem Specials Information Cost
**Black Friday Sale** Save $50 on Black Friday - Cyber Monday $179
Military Personnel Tandem Save $20 with valid ID!
Cannot be combined with other promotions. *Higher price if over 200lbs.
Students Save $20 with valid ID!
Cannot be combined with other promotions. *Higher price if over 200lbs.
Group Pricing
Special Information Cost
Groups 1 - 3 Groups 1 - 3 $229 / Person
Groups 4 - 6 Organizer rate $209 + free t-shirt $219 / Person
Groups 7 - 12 Organizer rate $189 + free t-shirt $209 / Person
Groups 13 - 19 Organizer rate $159 + free t-shirt $199 / Person
Groups 20+ Organizer receives a free jump $199/ Person
Accelerated Freefall (AFF) Pricing


Training Skydives Information Cost
Jump 1 AFF - first jump with your own parachute. An amazing sense of accomplishment! $290.00
Jump 2 Awareness skydive - altitude, body - more control in freefall. $210.00
Jump 3 Your release dive - your instructors release you and you freefall on your own. $210.00
Jump 4 You have now graduated to only one instructor accompanying you in freefall. $170.00
Jump 5 You will learn how to do turns and move forward in freefall. $170.00
Jump 6 More maneuvers of forward motion and turns. $170.00
Jump 7 You will learn how to track - one step closer to being a bird man. $170.00
Jump 8 You will perform acrobats in freefall. $170.00
Jump 9 Now you know enough to freefall by yourself. $59.00
Jump 10 Advanced maneuvers in freefall. $94.00
Jump 11 You now get to combine upper and lower body to make spot turns. $94.00
Jump 12 Fast / slow freefall speed. $94.00
Jump 13 Formation flying - moving forward to dock on your coach. $94.00
Jump 14 Adjusting speed and forward motion to dock on your coach. $94.00
Jump 15 Even more of a challenge - speed adjusting, turns, and docking on your coach. $94.00
Jump 16 Dive out of the plane and down to dock on your coach. $94.00
Jump 17 More practice on swooping down to your coach. $94.00
Jump 18 Lower exit altitude - 5,000' emergency simulation jump. $59.00
Jump 19 Lower exit altitude - 3,500' emergency simulation jump. $59.00
Jump 20 Solo #1 - this can be used whenever you need a extra practice. $59.00
Jump 21 Solo #2 - this can be used whenever you need a extra practice. $59.00
Jump 22 Solo #3 - this can be used whenever you need a extra practice. $59.00
Jump 23 Preparation for your first freefall test. $94.00
Jump 24 United States Parachute Association License Check Dive $170.00
Pre-Paid AFF Certification Package Package Includes All Required AFF Jumps
Save $130

Our weight limit is 280lbs. However, students weighing more than 200 lbs should be aware of the following restrictions:

200-240lbs -$50 surcharge, exit altitude 8,000′

240-280lbs -$100 surcharge, exit altitude 6,000′

The reason for the altitude restrictions is that with increased weight, terminal velocity is higher and therefore the parachute deployment is harder which in turn increases the possibility of parachute damage – we are minimizing this risk. The lower the altitude, the slower the speed (terminal velocity), the slower the opening. The reason for the surcharge is that heavier students put more strain on our equipment and are more demanding on our instructors during exit, opening, and especially for landing. Our instructors are experienced enough to safely skydive with heavier students, however, it is fair to pay them more for a higher workload.