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Photo & Video Services

Document Your Tandem Skydive

Capture Every Moment

Tandem students in blue jumpsuit and her instructor in a lime green and black jumpsuit smile their their hands extended.

The Whole Story

What You’ll Get

Gear up
Pre-jump jitters
Boarding the plane
Ride up to altitude
Hook up
Door opening
Climbing out
Parachute opening
Canopy flight
Hugs and high fives!

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Media Packages

Female tandem skydiver under canopy give a thumbs up

Photo & Video Services

Freefall Video
USB with video
$99 per person
Freefall Photography
USB with photos
$99 per person
Freefall Video & Stills Photography
USB with videos and photos
$119 per person
Freefall Video & Stills + Social Media Clip
USB with video, photos, and clip
$129 per person
I was not originally planning to get photos/video, but I would absolutely recommend it. It's definitely worth the extra cost. There's only so much you can process when you're about to JUMP OUT OF A PLANE. Being able to see it again afterword has been really fun and valuable. Cheers to Wisconsin Skydiving Center! You all do great work.

Angela W.

Prepare For Your Close Up

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