Skydiving & Emergency Parachute Rigging Services

FAA Master Parachute Rigger

Headshot of Bo Babovic, smiling
Bo Babovic, FAA Master Parachute Rigger – Back, Seat, Lap Rated

Welcome to Wisconsin Skydiving Center – your destination for skydiving and parachute rigging services! Owner Bo Babovic is passionate about the craft of rigging and maintaining the gear and equipment for Wisconsin Skydiving Center, the local skydiving community, and pilots in need of a trustworthy rigger to maintain their emergency parachute systems.

Bo has over 45 years in the sport of skydiving and military parachuting operations having made over 16,000 parachute jumps. Bo has over 200 jumps on round parachutes and holds the rating as a Skydive Instructor Examiner with the USPA (he teaches, the teachers).

Additionally, Bo is an instrument-rated commercial pilot with 2500+ hours and is an FAA Certified Mechanic with Inspection Authorization.

Bo’s Parachute Rigging Bio
  • FAA Master Parachute Rigger – Back, Seat, Lap Rated
  • 40 years of parachute rigging experience
  • 3000+ emergency parachutes inspected and packed
  • 200+ confirmed saves
Proficient on:
  • Pilot emergency equipment
  • Skydiving reserve parachutes
  • Military equipment
  • Paragliding emergency parachutes

Emergency Parachute Rigging Services

Emergency Parachute Bailout System


As per FAR Part 91.307 and 105.43, all Emergency Parachutes must be inspected and repacked every 180 days.  We offer an average turnaround of 2 days.  Pilots can also fly into the rigging shop at the Fort Atkinson Municipal Airport (61C), taxi to the hangar for drop off and pick up.


As an FAA Master Parachute Rigger, Bo is authorized to perform repairs on TSO Equipment.  The most common alteration is to redistribute the bulk of the canopy to make it more compatible with the seat of the aircraft and increase the pilot’s comfort.  I can also adjust the harness to better fit your body size.


We proudly host emergency bailout workshops to train you on how and when to bail out, how to deploy the parachute, and most importantly, how to land it safely.  These workshops typically include an actual orientation skydive (not mandatory). Call Bo directly for more details.  (941)744-7766


Parachute Rigging and Services Prices
Pilot Emergency Parachute Inspection & Repack Inspection and repack $80
Military Emergency Parachute Inspection & Repack Inspection and repack $90
Sport Reserve Parachute Insp & Repack Inspection and repack $70
AAD removal/service/shipping/installation Turnkey Service $240
Sport Rig Assembly Turnkey Service $100
Main/Reserve parachute inspection only Inspection only $30
Pre-purchase inspection Inspection only $30 - $60
48 hours expedited service Expedited Service $25
Overnight expedited service Expedited Service $40


Being a certified FAA Master Parachute Rigger, Bo is authorized and capable of doing repacks, repairs, and maintenance of all TSO and non-TSO skydiving equipment. 

Bo offers innovative modifications on main parachute, containers, and accessories that make skydiving equipment safer and easier to use. Common things such as BOC replacement, riser/toggle retrofit, rebuilds of pilot chutes, leg strap comfort pad replacements, deployment bag modifications, and more. 

Being passionate about parachute rigging, Bo is always excited about custom modifications and designs.

Bo also specializes in repairs, repacks, and rigging of Tandem Parachute equipment.

Parachute Repair Prices
Pilot chute pouch (BOC) replacement Replacement $80
Risers/Toggles retrofit Retrofit
prices start at $20
Deployment bag repairs Repair
prices start at $20
Elastic Keeper replacements Replacement
price per elastic keeper
RSL Installation Installation
prices start at $100
Canopy patches Repair
prices start at $60
Canopy Reline Labor only $130
Lower/Mid Brake line replacement Replacement $30 / $50
Shop Hour Consultation $80
A lady smiles while in free fall during a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee, WI

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