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The Waterpark Capital of the World

Did you know that Wisconsin Skydiving Center has been serving residents and visitors of Wisconsin Dells for more than 20 years? While Wisconsin Dells is known as the Waterpark Capital of the World, the adventure doesn’t begin in the pool! Wisconsin Skydiving Center is located on the way to Wisconsin Dells from Chicago. If you’re looking for a life-changing adventure before hitting the roller coasters, and water slides, come see us – we’ll help round out your vacation activities!

Why Choose Us?

Simply put: We are passionate about what we do as evidenced by the reviews left by guests who skydive with us from all over the world! We are a family-owned and operated dropzone. Owners Bo & Alex have more than 55 years of combined skydiving experience. They are passionate about the sport of skydiving and love sharing that passion with their guests. WSC offers services for jumpers of all experience and skill levels including tandem skydiving for first-time skydivers, skydive training programs, and sport skydiving. Our goal is to provide each of our guests with a truly personal skydiving experience that will inspire them and empower them for years to come.

Are you ready to experience the adventure of a lifetime? Click the button below to book your Wisconsin Dells skydiving adventure today! We look forward to seeing you at WSC very soon!

Skydiving Near Wisconsin Dells?

Directions to Wisconsin Skydiving Center from Wisconsin Dells, WI

  • Take WI-16 E
  • Merge onto I-39 S
  • Continue onto I-94 E toward Milwaukee
  • Take exit 259 for WI-89 toward Lake Mills / Waterloo
  • Continue onto WI-26 Business
  • Turn right onto Rita Ln
  • Turn left onto Airport RD
  • Turn right onto County Rd K


Things To Do in Wisconsin Dells Other Than Waterparks

It’s likely that if you landed on this page then it means you’re planning a trip to Wisconsin Dells, and you’re looking for things to do besides going to a water park. As locals and experts in adventure, we can help you plan a great trip as we’ve experienced nearly everything there is to do in the area. While we hope skydiving will be on your agenda, here are a few other businesses and destinations that we recommend:

Devil’s Lake State Park

If you love the outdoors then Devil’s Lake State Park should be on your list – this place is beautiful! Devil’s Lake State Park is the largest state park in Wisconsin and is a short drive from Wisconsin Dells – it’s just south of Baraboo. (Is there a town with a better name than Baraboo? We don’t think so!)


  • 35 Miles NW of Madison
  • Day and overnight camping available 
  • More than 3 million people visit the park annually (it’s that beautiful)
  • Rock Climbing 
  • 9,217 acre park with quartzite bluffs along the 360 acre lake aptly named Devil’s Lake

Wisconsin Deer Park

What’s with another park on our list?  You guessed it, this one has deer! While we’ve all seen deer, it’s likely you’ve not seen deer quite like these. These deer are super tame making this a must-stop if you have kids. Who doesn’t want to pet Bambi? Whether you’re an adult or a kid, you will love this experience.


  • Established in Wisconsin Dells in 1952
  • 28 acre forest 
  • More than 100 deer on the property which you can hand feed

Devil's Lake State Park in Wisconsin Dells

Red Beard Bow Fishing

If you’re thinking about skydiving during your trip to Wisconsin Dells, then you may also want to consider this off the beaten path activity – Bowfishing! It’s just as it sounds – you’ll shoot fish with a bow and arrow. What more do you need to know?



  • Plan a four-hour charter
  • They’ll teach you how to do it! 
  • Fish to shoot include: Carp, Buffalo Fish, Quillback, Suckers, Sheepshead, Bowfin, Channel Catfish and Flathead Catfish
  • Located on the Upper Dells Wisconsin River
  • Plan for a night charter! 

Vertical Illusions

If you’re into outdoor adventure, then Vertical Illusions should be on your list! Vertical offers guided tours which include zip lining, rock climbing, kayaking, rappelling, snowshoeing, snowboarding, paddle boarding and ski rentals. Whether it’s summer or winter activities, Vertical Illusions has it. 

We first became attracted to Vertical Illusions based on a quote on their website which resonated with us: 

“It’s an illusion that most of us believe, and it’s usually too late when we realize that our big house, fancy car, and corporate desk job will not create happiness”

We love this! 

Hiking with Vertical Illusions in Wisconsin Dells, WI

Wisconsin Ducks 

If you’ve never visited Wisconsin Dells, then plan to go on tour with Wisconsin Ducks – it’s a rite of passage! This business has been operating for 75 continuous years which means that they are doing something right. So, you’re asking what is a Wisconsin Duck? A Wisconsin Duck is an amphibious vehicle designed for the military for operations during World War II. These amazing vehicles traverse miles of wilderness trails and then splashdown in the Wisconsin River and Lake Delton! 


  • General Motors manufactured these unique unique vehicles in 1942.
  • More than 2,000 duck boats were used on D-Day in 1944.
  • GM manufactured more than 21,000 Ducks between 1942 and 1945 for the war effort
  • With 92 vehicles, Original Wisconsin Ducks is the largest WWII amphibious tour Duck operation in the United States and is the longest running tour.
  • Duck Boats are cool.

We hope our Wisconsin Dells adventure page gives you some treat ideas for your upcoming visit to the Dells! We’d love to host you for your skydive or even help you with your adventure experience!

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