Bo Babovic

Tandem Skydive Instructor / Owner

Meet Bo

Bo was born in the former Yugoslavia in 1957. He showed a predisposition for skydiving at a very young age – his favorite thing was to play with strings, threads, and bungees. After many bruises and stitches, he figured out that freefall without a parachute is not a good idea.

“Skydiving gave my life direction, meaning…. it made me physically fit, mentally focused, emotionally connected and spiritually aligned with purpose beyond my immediate needs.” – Bo Babovic

Bo made his first skydive at the age of 17 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s tried his hand at rock climbing and scuba diving in his 20s and 30s, teaching both in the skydiving offseason, but skydiving ultimately won his heart.


Bo has competed in formation skydiving at an international level and has even served as an officer in Special Forces. Between skydives and other extreme sports, Bo earned a degree in Psychology and Sociology. Being in the Fear Management Business (aka skydiving), that psychology degree comes in handy just about every day.


Bo spent the first fifteen years of his skydiving career in Europe and moved to the US in 1990. He worked as a skydiving instructor and rigger in Florida and Hawaii before buying into an existing skydiving business in the Chicago area in the mid-’90s. After he sold that dropzone, he opened AtmosphAIR (now Wisconsin Skydiving Center) with his wife Alex in 1998.


Bo has over 13,000 jumps under his belt. He is a skydiving Instructor/examiner, course director, as well as a safety and training advisor for the United States Parachute Association. He is a commercial pilot, an FAA-certified Master Parachute Rigger, and Certified Aircraft Mechanic with Inspection Authorization.


Bo trains our instructors, maintains our equipment and aircraft – all in-house. This contributes greatly to making Wisconsin Skydiving Center the safest skydiving center in the nation. Bo’s greatest passion is teaching and he’s happiest working with students. He has been teaching skydiving for 30 years now and has taken over 8,000 people on their first jump. He has licensed more than 1000 skydivers, some of them going on to be stuntmen and world class skydivers.

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