Christie Munn


Meet Christie

Ratings: Coach

Jumps: 150+

USPA: B-40422


Christie did her first tandem in 2004 at AtmosphAir, and thought it was an amazing experience. She did multiple tandems over the years at different drop zones and kept thinking that she wanted to take it to the next level. She finally got the push she needed to sign up for AFF. “AtmosphAir is an extremely welcoming and friendly place so there was absolutely no question as to where I would go for training. Once I completed the requirements for my A license I had no idea what I waited for! It was one of the best decisions that I have ever made. I look forward to furthering my experience in the sport.” – Christie


Christie Munn was an AFF student last year and got her license. She became a packer towards the end of last season and is now going to start training for manifest. She is shy, brilliant, and funny and works with stem cell research and programs robots. Even though she is fairly new to our staff, she fits in and is loved by all as if she had been here forever. Learn more about Christie with this weeks 10 Questions With…

1. What attracted you to the sport of skydiving?
CM: I was at a family reunion and overheard my cousin, Kelli, talking about jumps she had recently made. She had her own gear and brought it along with her so she could jump while visiting family. I was fascinated by her stories and the things she has done. When I turned 18 I looked up skydiving centers near me and signed up for my first tandem jump.

2. You made your first tandem skydive in 2004, but began your training in 2013. Why did you hold off until recently to immerse yourself in the sport?
CM: Last January I went to Kelli’s wedding and at her reception they showed a montage of her and her husband’s skydiving footage. While watching the video I got the same feelings I had while doing my tandems. It reminded me how much I loved every moment of skydiving. I decided right then and there that this was something I wanted to pursue in my life.

3. You have a fascinating career… tell us a little about that kind of work you do?
CM: I work with induced pluripotent stem cells. Basically that means an adult cell that has been reprogrammed back into a stem cell. These cells are then made into multiple cell lineages and are used for drug testing, as well as research applications. Currently I am working with robotics to automate the cell culture process.

4. What’s the most memorable skydive you’ve ever been on?
CM: This past February I was fortunate enough to be able to skydive in Florida. I was part of a sunset load track dive with 20 other people! Every part of that dive was amazing, looking around while in freefall and seeing the other jumpers while the sun was setting was surreal. When you come out to WSC ask me about what happened after the jump was over, it’s a funny story!

5. Who / What inspires you?
CM: My cousin inspired me to pursue skydiving. As for other areas in my life I try to be open minded to all new experiences. I don’t want to look back and wish that I had tried something or done something different.

6. Having jumped at several different drop zones, why do you call WSC home?
CM: The reason I kept coming back to WSC is the atmosphere. It is a very welcoming place and you don’t get lost in the crowd. Everyone there is extremely friendly and caring. Everyone is approachable and willing to answer any questions that I might have (which are usually a lot).

7. What’s the most rewarding thing you’ve ever accomplished?
CM: I graduated from Hawaii Pacific University with a degree in Biology, of which I am very proud. More recently I got my A license last summer. At the start of the summer I knew nothing about how to skydive and by the end of summer I was able to perform maneuvers during freefall on purpose!

8. What is something about you that few people know about?
CM: During high school I was very active in music and the arts. Show choir, school musicals, jazz band, you name it I was in it. I enjoy dancing and can do a mean Thriller!

9. Do you have any other interests outside of skydiving?
CM: I love anything relating to water, if you have a pool I’m your new best friend. I am also on a company softball team. I recently became an aunt and enjoy spending time with my nephew more than I thought I would.

10. What are your future goals?
CM: I definitely want to continue to improve my skydiving skills. My more immediate goal is to own my own rig. Nerdy as it sounds, I would also love to be published in a scientific journal.

A lady smiles while in free fall during a tandem skydive.

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