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Jumping For A Cause

Elevate Your Fundraising With Tandem Skydiving

Adventure In the Name of Charity

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Why Tandem Skydiving Fundraisers

Fundraising Made Fun

Let’s face it; traditional fundraising methods can be a bit dull. Tandem skydiving injects a dose of excitement into your efforts, making the fundraising process genuinely enjoyable for everyone involved.

Engage Your Supporters

It’s not just about the jump; it’s about the journey. Rally your friends, family, and supporters to join you in this thrilling adventure. You’ll bond over the excitement and create lasting memories together.

Media Buzz

Tandem skydiving fundraisers tend to attract local media attention. Your adventure could become a newsworthy story, providing valuable exposure for your cause and potentially attracting even more supporters.

Creative Approach

Stand out from the crowd and demonstrate your commitment to your cause with this creative fundraising approach. It shows that you’re willing to go to great heights (literally) to make a difference.

Unforgettable Memories

Tandem skydiving fundraisers create lasting memories that participants and supporters will cherish forever. The adrenaline rush, the breathtaking views, and the sense of achievement make it an experience worth remembering.

Unleash Your Inner Daredevil

Imagine the rush of jumping from a plane at thousands of feet above the ground, all for a great cause! Tandem skydiving is an unforgettable experience that’s bound to get your adrenaline pumping.

Make a Difference

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Tandem students hug in a field filled with lush, green grass and dandelions following their skydive.

Clyde's Skydiving Adventure

Making a Difference

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Tips to Promote Your Charity Skydive

Social Media

Leverage the power of social media to boost your fundraising efforts by sharing your skydiving adventure, the charity you're supporting, and the event date along with a direct fundraising page link. Keep followers engaged with progress updates, captivating visuals, and videos, creating excitement and encouraging contributions to your cause.

The Workplace

Leverage your workplace community for extra fundraising support, including potential donation matching programs. Consult your HR department or company leadership for guidance, and explore opportunities to feature your skydive in the workplace newsletter or on the staff noticeboard, using posters or flyers to engage coworkers and boost your charity skydive campaign.

Family & Friends

Don't overlook your closest supporters—your family and friends. Some older family members may prefer traditional sponsorship forms over online options. Request these forms from the organization you're working with and personally visit your loved ones; a personal touch can significantly boost their willingness to contribute to your cause.

Engage Local Media

Elevate your charity skydive's exposure by engaging local press with a well-crafted press release. Include key details and a fundraising page link, then follow up with compelling visuals, fostering community support and sponsorships for your cause.

Online Giving Sites

Determine your charity's preferred fundraising platform or ask your jump coordinator for the information, and after setting up your page, share it widely through social media, email, and text messages. Online fundraising pages simplify support for your charity event from friends, family, and colleagues.

Business Partnerships

Forge partnerships with local businesses for sponsorships or in-kind donations in exchange for promotional exposure, recognizing those that align with your charity's mission through logos, names, or product placement across promotional materials, social media, and events.

Community Events

Participate actively in local events and community gatherings, setting up eye-catching promotional materials like flyers and banners to raise awareness about your upcoming charity skydive.

Create Content

Share engaging content, including videos, photos, and personal stories that convey your motivation for skydiving for charity. Document moments leading up to the big jump to create anticipation and excitement.

Engage in Challenges

Challenge yourself and your supporters to reach specific fundraising milestones. For instance, pledge to perform a dare or make a unique promise if a certain fundraising target is met.

Take Your Fundraising to New Heights

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