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Bo Babovic

Tandem Skydive Instructor / Owner

Bo Babovic


17,000+ Total Jumps

Bo, Alex and their team are smooth, knowledgeable, honest, confident and trustworthy. They talk about fear, adrenaline and how to best stay in the moment of your jump, almost like skydiving monks. Their confidence makes it easy to give in to the moment with ultimate trust. Their process on site is thorough, simple, accurate and just quick enough to get you in the air while you’re still feeling 2 parts excitement and 2 parts healthy fear. My kids, parents and best friend watched the jump, and we picnic-ed afterward and watched other jumpers. We’ll certainly be back when my kids are big enough to jump. I choose Bo and Alex because of their experience, the family vibe, laid back site, and because my best friend and my cousins know them. I now feel like family.

—Faith - Google