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Why You (Really!) Have To Leap Into Skydiving Lessons

Skydiving Training

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 6 years ago

Over the years, we’ve discovered that people have a tendency to make assumptions about how they’d react to skydiving lessons. When you mention in conversation that you’re a skydiver, almost everyone has a ready response. I could never do that, they insist. Never ever. Least of all, not alone.

That statement always elicits a smile from us. After all, part of the beautiful mystery of making that first AFF course jump is that you have no idea how you’re really going to feel about it. At least, until you’ve put on your very own parachute and your toes are sticking out over the edge of that door. And you have no idea about the big changes that are waiting for you after you land. You have to try it for yourself, and here’s why:

Solo skydiver on a skydiving lesson.

You have to find out what your unique response will be to SKYDIVING LESSONS

A lot of people insist that they’ll be so scared during skydiving lessons that they pass out. (Spoiler: They don’t.)

Conversely, a lot of other people think it’ll be easy for them to do their AFF training. Sometimes, that confident bunch ends up a lot more challenged than they thought. Aside from those extremes, most first-time student skydivers starting out in the AFF program are sure they’ll freak out in freefall. Usually, they’re amazed to discover that not only are they fine, they love it. You might be surprised at the number of our AFF course graduates who stick with the sport long enough to start teaching new student skydivers themselves.

Here’s the takeaway: Not knowing how you’ll feel is okay. The important part is that you try. Statistically speaking, hear this: You’re braver and more adventurous than you give yourself credit for. (Bo also has some tips for you in regards to emotional management and awareness during those first tender skydiving lessons).

You have to try this amazing new way to experience your body

If you’re into fitness in any way, you have to give the proprioceptive art of bodyflight a try. Bodyflight bridges gymnastics, cardio, balance, isometrics and dance like nothing you’ve ever experienced. On your first tandem skydives, you’ll only get a taste of what you can do, bodyflight-wise, in freefall. That is, however, just an aperitif for what you’ll dig into as an AFF student.

At the Wisconsin Skydiving Center, we’re set apart from most skydiving schools by the whole-person way we teach. Here, you don’t just learn how to jump out of a plane. You learn about why we jump out of planes, and how you can apply these lessons about bravery, risk awareness and self-worth to your life beyond the dropzone. It’s very a very special approach, and an incredibly powerful one.

You have to meet the person you become after you graduate skydiving school!

It may sound crazy, but trust us: there will be differences. This author personally contends that nobody who jumps out of an airplane is quite the same afterwards. Someone who successfully plows through her/his AFF solo skydiving certification unveils a rare and beautiful creature indeed.

At the very least, after meeting the challenge of skydiving lessons, you will have the deep knowledge that you can face big fears – and come out better the other side.

You have to get in with this CRAZY WONDERFUL community

There’s a priceless pot of gold to look forward to even more ardently at the end of your skydiving school rainbow. Once you’re a skydiver, drop zones all over the world will become your home-away-from-home… and you’ve never had a home like this one!

You’ll spend hours next to weekend-night campfires, learning about jumping, flying and life from other members of your new “sky family”. You’ll make friends in countries, cultures and walks of life you’d never have had the chance to get to know otherwise. As the years progress, you’ll hone your skills alongside famous athletes. You’ll explore secret corners of the planet, drawn by the promise of a one-off jump that will stick in your memory forever. You’ll learn superhero tricks that you would practically pass out over as a grade-school kid, and you’ll learn them next to people who will be your dear friends for life.

So… are you ready to take some skydiving lessons? We’re waiting to welcome you!

Skydiver high-fives another skydiver.