Tasha Morgan

AFF Instructor | Coach | Videographer| Demo Team

Ratings: AFF Instructor, Coach, Static Line Instructor, Pro/Exhibition, Senior Rigger

Jumps: 1400+

USPA: D-20754

About Tasha Morgan

Tasha started jumping in 1994 when her sister bought her a jump for her birthday (she started skydiving 4 years prior). Tasha's Dad was a skydiver so she grew up with it and didn't think it was anything out of the ordinary. After her first jump, Tasha was hooked. and couldn't fgure out why she waited so long to make her first jump! Tasha's husband (Jon) also skydives so they are continuing the "family sport." Who knows, maybe one day their kids will jump.

Everybody there at WSC was just as awesome as the experience I had jumping out of my first ever plane ride. I am definitely coming back for a second jump because of the people that work there.

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