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Skydiving Tips

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 2 years ago

Skydiving hair, don’t care! No, wait … if your goal is to look fly while flying through the sky and not have to contend with the tangles that follow a 120+ mph skydiving blowout … we should care! Truth talk, the knots can be so unmanageable that you may feel like cutting your hair over combing and ripping through your precious locks.

No need to fear – we’ve got your skydiving hair styling tips here! We’ll go over how to do your ’do and prepare your dome for an easy, breezy tandem skydiving experience.

Woman with a ponytail in her hair while skydiving at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee


Skydiving with long hair is an obvious cause for concern. We get it – you want to look cute – but you need to keep those locks on lockdown. The idea is to get most of your hair as tight to your head as possible, so whatever way is most comfortable for you to accomplish that – do it! 

Here are our top ‘insta-approved’ styling tips for the perfect way to control your hair while still looking good on your skydiving adventure.

  • Braids: French braids, Dutch braids, and cornrows! In our opinion, braids are the BEST way to ensure that your hair is tightly secured to your head AND they always look great during and after freefall. Make sure your braids are close to your scalp so that you don’t end up whipping your instructor in freefall. Ouch!
  • Bun: Another great option is to secure a low bun as close to your scalp as possible. Buns tend to come out when matched against the high-speed winds, so make sure you wrap your bun diligently – use multiple elastics and bobby pins if needed!
  • Ponytail: A low pony is the most popular styling technique as it is simple and easy to pull off. It does an okay job controlling your hair at the roots, but if you have super long hair – the ponytail still ends up getting pretty tangled. This option is ideal for those who have shorter or shoulder-length hair.

You can add an extra layer of protection by wearing a buff, bandana, or a skull cap over your hair as long as it is tight and secured to your head. Hats and beanies are not recommended as they can become an obstruction to your skydiving instructor.

Woman with hair up in a bun after first tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago


While it is pretty similar to a speedy boat ride or sticking your head out of the car window, nothing quite compares to the 120+ mph winds you’re about to experience – and if you’re sporting a hair system, you may have some concerns. You definitely don’t want to lose your ’do and blind your instructor for safety reasons, and it’s just straight-up embarrassing! 

There are a few things you can do to ensure extra security. One is to give yourself a touch-up between the poly base and the front hairline if you feel that it is necessary. Another option is to put on a headband, fashionable bandana, or some other kind of tight covering that’s secured on the hairline to help give that extra protection. As always, let your instructor know and check to make sure the headgear is okay.

Tandem in a skull cap to help keep her hair tamed during a skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago


Tandem skydivers DO NOT wear helmets – ironically, for safety reasons!  You will be harnessed in front of your instructor, and wearing a hard-shelled helmet creates the potential of your instructor getting hit in the face/head. What’s more, helmets are a bit unnecessary for tandem students. Because you’ll probably do a butt-slide on landing, it’s less likely that you’ll take a tumble.

However, skydiving students and experienced jumpers opt to wear helmets to not only protect their heads during freefall with friends and during wonky landings – but to also protect their skin and hair from the elements, and to help decrease the noise during freefall.


Another fun, unique way to spice up your skydiving photos and get more likes on social is to grab a pen and write a message on your hands! Between skydiving one-liners, hashtags, and classic phrases – there are plenty of creative options to write on your hands when skydiving.

Tandem skydiver making a heart with her hands for an instagram photo

Here are a couple of our favs:

  • “Sorry / Mom”
  • “Live / Now”
  • “Take / Chances”

Between these skydiving hair tips and other ways to look fresh, you’ll be styling physically and you’ll score a psychological boost you can only get from skydiving! Book your tandem skydive with us and have the best skydiving experience in the midwest with Wisconsin Skydiving Center! Blue skies.