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What Do You Write on Your Hands When Skydiving

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Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 3 years ago

Voices are muffled in the whooshing wind of freefall. So, if you have something to say, you’ll need to get creative. One of the best ways to get a message across on a skydive is elementary but effective: use a pen! To spice up photos and ensure that you’re heard … or well, read … loud and clear, write a message on your hands. 

Girl tandem skydiving with take chances written on her hands at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

So, what do you write on your hands while skydiving? In a skydiving photo, your palms are precious real estate. Make a statement–literally! With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to pick the perfect phrase to emblazon in marker on your hands. To make it easy we’ve listed a few of the most popular skydiving phrases below.

Classic Two Word Skydiving Captions

If you like to keep things short and sweet to highlight your first skydiving experience, these two-word skydiving captions to write on your hands will do just the trick.

  • Sorry / Mom
  • Live / Now
  • Marry / Me?
  • Carpe / Diem
  • Go / (Insert College/Alumni Initials)
  • YO / LO

Slightly Lengthy Skydiving Phrases

For these skydiving phrases, you’ll likely need more space. If you’re feeling up to it, write these skydiving captions on your forearms.

  • Because The Door / Was Open
  • Keep Calm / And Skydive
  • Weekend Forecast / Skydiving
  • Peace, Love / And Skydiving
  • Living My / Best Life

Oh and don’t forget to pair your epic photos with one of our 15 best skydiving quotes and captions for Instagram.

Skydiving photo montage at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

Skydiving One-Liners

Most tandem skydiving instructors have tons of quick quips and witty skydiving one-liners, but why should they have all the fun!? If you’re getting a skydiving video, why not take advantage of the onscreen time just before exiting with a few parting words? Wondering what to say during your first tandem jump? Here are some of our favorite funny things to say before skydiving.

  • “I’m King Of The World!” 
  • “Hasta La Vista, Baby”
  • “To Infinity and Beyond!”
  • “Geronimo!”

How to Look Good While Skydiving

a tandem student wearing goggles during a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

Since these photos and videos will be a lasting reminder of your first epic skydive, you’ll want these memorable images to be all that they can be. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure that you are looking picture perfect. So, considering you’ll be free falling at terminal velocity, how exactly do you look good while skydiving?

  • Dress For Success

Picking the right outfit can make or break your experience and affects the quality of photos you get from your skydive. For your comfort and for the sake of taking stellar skydiving photos, avoid wearing anything too baggy or bulky. Instead, select close-fitting, weather-appropriate layers. 

  • Smile!

The bigger the smile, the better! Smiling keeps your cheek muscles engaged and helps avoid any flappy-faced photos. 

  • Tame Your Locks 

If you have long hair or a long beard make sure it is securely fastened. Loose hair can not only end up a tangled mess but it can cover your face and your instructor’s face ruining pictures and obstructing your view!

  • Interact

One of the easiest ways to make sure you look good while skydiving is to show the camera some love. Blow kisses, put up peace signs or give a thumbs up. This is your time to shine!

Ready for your close-up? Don’t forget to add a video or photo package to your skydive!