15 of the Best Skydiving Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Sunday, November 14, 2021

They say a photo is worth a thousand words, but an apt caption really tells the story! 

Skydiving photo montage at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago


With our skydiving video and photo services, our team can capture every exhilarating moment of your first skydive. But, before sharing your epic snapshots with the world wide web and your countless followers, there’s one important decision you have to make: picking the perfect skydiving quote or caption. 


Struggling to think of the perfect words? No worries, we’ve got 15 of the best skydiving quotes and captions for Instagram.


When searching for the perfect skydiving caption, there are a few directions you can go. Typically, you’ll aim for one of three: inspirational, humorous, or cool. Below we’ll look at the top five skydiving quotes and captions in each of the three categories. 

Inspirational Skydiving Quotes and Captions for Instagram

The first category of skydiving quotes we will explore is inspirational. Inspirational skydiving quotes and captions for Instagram are perfect for when you want to share your life-changing experience and encourage others to follow suit.

Girl excited after finishing her first skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee

1. “You’re only one step away from greatness.” 

Sometimes people need a reminder of the potential they hold. We think this skydiving caption does just that.


2. “Celebrate Life” 

Sometimes the simplest captions can be the most profound. It’s easy to forget what a beautiful existence we lead. It’s important not just to pair this inspirational caption with one of your beautiful skydiving photos, but it’s also important to keep in mind as you go through your day-to-day.


3. “The door opens up, the air rushes in. Anticipation is at an all-time high. There’s no time to think, it’s time to go.
Now is the time to truly fly.” 

If you’re feeling a little poetic, you could construct a skydiving caption with a rhyming scheme. Take this one for example. It captures the palpable feeling of the moment right before exit. We suggest pairing this skydiving caption with a photo of you just before exiting the aircraft.


4. “Happiness is filling your life with incredible experiences.” 

It’s easy to go through the motions. Skydiving reminds us that there is a wondrous world out there to explore. 


5. “Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” – Les Brown 

Another solid option for an inspirational skydiving quote to pair with one of your skydiving photos is to reference the words of someone renowned and respected. 

Humorous Skydiving Quotes and Captions for Instagram

For those who aren’t afraid of being the butt of the joke, or for those with a particularly silly skydiving snapshot, a humorous skydiving quote or skydiving pun is just the ticket. 


If you like keeping things on the lighter side, show off your sense of humor with one of the skydiving captions below! 

Tandem skydiver giving thumbs up and instructor blowing a kiss at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee


1. “I solemnly swear that I’m having the time of my life.” 

This one is a win-win: it’s clever and, for those wizarding world lovers, it’s an homage to the Marauder’s Map! 


2. “All you need is two thumbs and a sense of adventure.” 

Short, sweet, and to the point, this skydiving caption shows you don’t take yourself too seriously.


3. “Yeah I’m free, free fallin’!” 

There’s nothing wrong with a little classic rock reference. Many a trendy Instagramer has used those fabulous Tom Petty lyrics. With this skydiving caption, you get bonus points for getting the song stuck in the head of every friend that views your photo. 


4. “Dive into adventure!” 

Get it? Because you’re skydiving!


5. “Watch Your Step”

Pair this skydiving caption with an exit shot for a clever little quip!

Cool Skydiving Quotes and Captions for Instagram

Skydiving is a big deal and, by proxy, it makes you a big deal. Show off your accomplishment with one of the cool skydiving quotes or captions below.

Girl smiling before a tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago


1. “How was your [insert day of the week]?”

This skydiving caption highlights the epic life you’re living while others are whiling away in an office somewhere. 


2. “[insert day of the week] Vibes” 

Likewise, you can show off just how groovy your skydiving day was with a simple vibe check skydiving caption.


3. If you are celebrating a birthday with your skydive, you can use a caption that mentions your age. Like “Soaring out of my 20’s” for a jump to celebrate turning 30.


4. “Get off your phone and get out of your comfort zone.”  

Use this caption to remind your followers to quit scrolling and seize the day. (After they like your photo, of course!) 


5. “Courage is knowing what not to fear.” – Plato

There’s something inherently cool about showing off your smarts. In a skydiving Instagram caption, this can mean picking the perfect philosophical saying from one of the premier philosophers from Ancient Greece: the one and only Plato. It also just so happens this skydiving quotation applies perfectly to skydiving.


Oh, and before we forget: make sure you use those hashtags! Some of our favorites are: #happyvibes, #makingmemories, #ibelieveicanfly, #adrenalinejunkie, #bucketlistchecked


And of course, be sure to give us a hashtag shoutout (#wisconsinskydivingcenter) when you post your pics!

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