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Skydiving as a Gift – a Good or Bad Idea?

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 5 years ago

Is skydiving as a gift a good or terrible idea? 

The marketing of skydiving has always centered on the extreme. Snappy, quick-cutting video clips of young, adrenaline-hungry, high-on-life individuals, flinging themselves from planes is what Mountain Dew dreams were built on. Yet – the slick marketing of Madison Avenue has missed the true essence of skydiving – joy. Joy in fulfillment. Joy in overcoming a challenge. Joy in accomplishing something that one thought was only reserved for the energy-drink-Gen-Z-ers, high on life.

Skydiving isn’t for a chosen few, but rather anyone “looking for something more” – whether it be a challenge, confidence, perspective, or feelings of happiness. As we market ourselves and have you, dear reader, consider skydiving as a holiday gift, we’d prefer to have a conversation about the true value in gifting a skydive – as opposed to beating you over the head with lots of exclamation points and BOLD UPPERCASE STATEMENTS TO EXCITE YOU into purchasing a skydiving gift certificate. What we want to share is some honest info – without the fluff – to help you decide if gifting a skydive is a good or terrible idea.

Here are a few things to consider and what you can expect when gifting a skydive:

Wisconsin Skydiving Center – The Beauty of Skydiving from Wisconsin Skydiving Center on Vimeo.


If the motivation is to give something that’s memorable and meaningful, then the gift of skydiving is all of that in spades –  starting with the reaction.

There’s only one response people have when they first discover the magnitude of what they’ve just been given – and it usually involves an open mouth and eyes wide open. This is the gift that they’ll be talking about for months. One that fills them with emotions from moments of nervousness to excitement. It’s really the gift that keeps on giving because the pending date of the actual skydive is at play mentally until they step out of the plane.


What skydiving provides is more than just adventure – it’s also deep emotion that pours out after the parachute opens and it’s not something that can be manufactured or physically purchased. It has to be experienced. The best part is that the emotional event is most unexpected. Our guests go into their skydives thinking that they’re about to go on an adventure. What they get out of it is so much more. Every day, we hear statements like “That was the greatest thing I’ve ever done,” or adjectives like “amazing, empowering, awe-inspiring, spiritual” – and for some, there’s only speechlessness.


For many, the true gift of skydiving is the echo, the ripple, that comes well after the actual activity itself: perspective. Many of our guests have shared that the reflection of what they have accomplished provided perspective on how they’re living their lives, versus how they wish to be living their lives. This may be the greatest gift of all as the experience has changed the direction of many lives entirely. Skydiving makes it clear: we have but one life and it should be lived well.Skydiving isn’t for everyone, but we want you to understand that it’s so much more than what’s often seen on the surface. The gift of skydiving is an experience filled with emotions, ranging from fear to empowerment – and in the very least a story that people will talk about, forever.
Is skydiving a good gift? We think it’s the very best. If you’re interested in purchasing this amazing gift, click the button below