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What is a Skydiver? 

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 2 months ago

In a world where gravity has lost its charm, adventure is calling, and a love for the freedom of flight is obvious, there exists a unique creature: the skydiver! Zealous about living life to the fullest, conquering fears, and possessing an insatiable craving for the skies above, skydivers create a vibrant community, and we’re so happy to tell you all about what makes us, us! 

Tandem skydiver and his instructor in freefall

What Is A Skydiver? 

In a very simple sense, a skydiver is someone who participates in the sport of skydiving. In a complex sense, we’re a group of super diverse individuals who are passionate about being on a journey of constant growth. We thrive from helping others, are grateful to be a part of the best sky-fam EVER, and we downright LOVE skydiving. 

What is the definition of skydiving? Skydiving entails individuals jumping from an aircraft and deploying a parachute. Skydives typically have two major parts – freefall and canopy flight – and is an extreme sport that many people around the world pursue! People skydive both competitively and recreationally. 

Fun fact: A “fun jumper” or “up jumper” is someone who has a skydiving license and regularly skydives for fun. 

Who Is A Skydiver? 

What is the definition of a skydiver? Ha! We defy definition! Skydivers embody all sorts of awesome traits. Here’s our best ‘what is a skydiver’ explanation: 

Skydivers are: fear-defying adventurers. 

Skydivers don’t view fears as impossible-to-cross obstacles, but challenges just waiting to be conquered. Of course, there are the expected apprehensions – facing the wide open door of an airplane, experiencing SO many things for the first time (new is scary!), and actually taking that first step out into the big, blue sky. 

But, skydivers confront deeper fears, too. Are you ever scared you won’t live life to the fullest? Or maybe you have a fear of not being good enough. Nonsense! Skydiving has a culture centered around empowerment, where we learn together to push past limitations and embrace the excitement that comes with overcoming fears

Tandem skydiver lands with their mouth open

Skydivers are: a tight-knit community. 

Skydivers are people who inspire one another, support each other, and welcome everyone with open arms (which means, we can’t wait to have you)!

The skydiving community is a family that is glued together by a shared passion for adventure and a love for the skies. Skydiving is special; it brings people together who are otherwise not likely cross paths. What’s even more special is that all these totally unique individuals not only get along, but they form lifelong friendships that extend far beyond the dropzone. 

Skydivers are: zen seekers. 

You really won’t believe us until you experience it yourself, but skydiving is one of the most peaceful experiences this world has to offer. Many seasoned skydivers joke that the reason they jump is because it’s cheaper than therapy. Skydiving offers loads of mental benefits and gives us the opportunity to leave behind the noise of the world in exchange for a new outlook on life. 

Skydivers are: resilient. 

When people decide to pursue their solo skydiving licenses, they have to master multiple levels of specific skills while proving they’re safety-oriented – which is always our top priority. Once someone gains their A-license, they can begin to dive into the multiple disciplines skydiving has to offer while working toward new goals. Point being: The progress and learning never stops, despite inevitable setbacks. 

Even though skydivers may have a fear of failure, they’re differentiated from the rest in that they actually go for it and don’t stop until they reach their goal. We use failure as motivation to push forward and learn more! 

“Failures” are just minor setbacks preparing us for a major comeback. 

Skydivers are: passionate souls. 

Ultimately, skydivers are driven by a deep passion for the sport – it’s basically a dedication that borders obsession. To us, skydiving is not just a weekend hobby, but a way of life. It dictates our next steps, alters our priorities in the best ways, and creates new aspirations within us. What sets us apart is our commitment to fostering the next generation of jumpers. We are so proud to continually craft a community where people find joy not just in their own achievements, but in watching others thrive. 

tandem skydiving pair giving a thumbs up

Why Do People Become Skydivers? 

For all of the reasons mentioned above! The allure of skydiving is multifaceted, inspiring people from all walks of life to embrace the thrill, freedom, and growth that the sport offers. People may do their first jump for the adrenaline, but when someone becomes a skydiver, they do it for the sense of fulfillment and connection that comes with living their life to the fullest. 

Whatever part of the sport calls to you – conquering fears, finding a support system, seeking adventure, or anything else – skydivers share a common bond in chasing the euphoria that comes from jumping. Come jump with us today! Blue skies.