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How To Become a Licensed Skydiver in Two Weeks

Skydiving Training

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 5 years ago

Do you lurk the Wisconsin Skydiving Center Facebook page and think to yourself… “I’d love to do that!”?

We have good news… you can and you can do it relatively quickly.

This year, Wisconsin Skydiving Center is open every day – which means we’ll be flying much more. This increase in flights means we can help you achieve your skydiving dreams more rapidly.

How To Get Started in Skydiving

Step 1 – Make a Tandem Skydive

The road to becoming a skydiver starts with a tandem skydive. Why? To get you acclimated and prepared for the next jump which has you exiting with your own parachute! (woop!)

Exiting an aircraft for the first time can’t be described – it must be experienced. Getting comfortable with this environment and knowing what to expect sets you up for success on your first AFF skydive. It’s important to build confidence on that first jump and having a tandem skydive under your belt helps with this.

Can you skydive in the rain? Better not! Blue skies is where its at.

Step 2 – Schedule an AFF First Jump Course

The first jump course is also known as ground school. This classroom training teaches the foundation on how to free fall safely and know how to fly your parachute. Of course, emergency procedures are also taught (we know you were wondering about that). Once you’ve shown proficiency for all of the information presented, you can guess what happens next – it’s time to skydive!!!

Your first jump will have two AFF instructors exiting with you and giving you hand signals throughout the skydive to help ensure your free fall body position is dialed in. Once you’ve descended to your pre-determined pull altitude, you’ll be taking the action to deploy your parachute!

Once under your parachute and you’ve determined that your parachute is stable, square and steerable (don’t worry, you’ll learn all about this), our ground team will be with you on radio as a back up should you need some guidance. From there, it’s a comfy landing and an adrenaline explosion unlike any you’ve ever experienced! WOO-HOO!