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5 Unique Skydiving Proposal Ideas


Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 2 weeks ago

Skydiving (especially for the first time) is adrenaline-pumping! Now imagine adding even more excitement to the already unforgettable day … with a skydiving PROPOSAL. We know this is a bit niche, but no matter the type of proposal you have planned – we cater to everyone, including our hopeless romantics! Whether you’re planning a marriage proposal or a prom-posal, searching for the perfect “will you be my girlfriend” proposal idea, or brainstorming another amorous endeavor, we’ve got you covered. 

There’s no better way to make your declaration unforgettable than by taking the leap – literally. We want your special moment to be as spectacular as your joint story by adding another page to the book, let’s go! 

A skydiving proposal at WSC

How To Propose While Skydiving 

If you’re wondering, “How can I make my proposal special?” Look no further than a proposal skydiving idea. It doesn’t get better! The combination of breathtaking views and heart-pounding excitement (for more reasons than the jump) creates the perfect backdrop for a moment that will be cherished forever. 

1. Banners. 

Is there a more classic way to pop the special question? Whether you’re asking that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you, to be your partner in crime, or to attend a significant occasion together, having it written on a banner is quintessential. 

2. Videos. 

Videos allow us to relive the moment after it’s happened — which is one reason we strongly encourage getting a video of your first skydive — it’s an experience you can only do once. BUT, that’s besides the point. Proposal videos can be shown to your loved one before or after the jump. 

Prior to filling out a waiver and skydiving, you’ll be required to watch a video explaining how tandem skydives work, the calculated risks associated with the sport, and why so many people choose to jump. This presents the ideal time to tack on your own personalized video – just ask us! On the other hand, a video after the jump may be a better fit; you know your partner best. Imagine the exhilaration of landing from your first skydive, only to be guided to a screen where a special video starts playing. Both these options for romantic surprises create a truly unforgettable and cinematic experience. 

Skydiving is the perfect outdoor proposal idea!

3. Group skydiving. 

Bringing your friends along for the special day is an added bonus! Have your closest friends wait on the ground with a special sign, T-shirts that spell out the question, or cake to celebrate. An even better option is to book a group skydive and jump together. Riding in the plane alongside one another, experiencing those pre-jump jitters, and hugging it out at the end is unbeatable. 

4. Post-jump surprise. 

Searching for “will you marry me” proposal ideas? Maybe you’re more traditional and flashiness isn’t your thing – an adventure-filled skydiving proposal can still be for you! The skydiving experience is unique to everyone, and it’s sort of customizable. If you like that whooshing feeling in your stomach, asking your instructor to really whip around under canopy is an option. On the flipside, keeping things more docile is also something we’re able to cater to. 

Similarly, setting up a more subdued area for your partner may be more your speed. Envision landing from the jump and meandering together toward a picnic area with fresh flowers, bubbly, and perhaps … the ring! 

5. Write it! 

They say the written word is the most romantic, right? Popping your special question in writing on your hands, showing them off to your videographer in freefall, and showing your partner the clips post-jump is the perfect surprise! 

Although we can’t talk during freefall (we’re going over 100 mph!), displaying a message on your palms is a common thing to do, AND it would make epic photos for the BOOKS! This is also a more lowkey, but still original and memorable option, for those “will you marry me again” proposal ideas. 

Brad on bended knee in the landing area at Wisconsin Skydiving Center

How Do You Propose In The Sky? 

Yes, skydiving marriage proposals in freefall have actually happened! A skydiving marriage proposal during the actual skydive is typical between two experienced skydivers. For someone who wants to do a skydiving wedding proposal after jumping from the plane but before landing, being a licensed skydiver is key. 

Do people actually have wedding skydives? Experienced skydivers have had official skydiving weddings in the plane and then jump out as a unified couple, yes! Not to sound too sentimental, but skydiving is a gratifyingly euphoric experience, and sharing that with your special someone is truly unmatched. First-time jumper? No worries, go to City Hall, sign those papers, and come take the tandem leap with us to celebrate! 

Is there a better way to spend your magic-filled proposal day than by sharing it with us? No way! Come skydive with us – and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions (or unique ideas)! Blue skies.