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6 Ideas For How To Spend Your Day After Skydiving

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Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 6 months ago

How do you feel after skydiving? After going skydiving, you will spend the rest of your days wandering the earth looking upward, finally understanding what drives the birds to sing. Sounds lofty, but this is a real, long-term effect! And so what about the day after skydiving? What are you supposed to do after arguably one of the greatest experiences of your life? Keep reading to get the scoop on our top six suggestions. 

Excited male tandem skydiving pair flying through the air at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Madison, WI.

1. City-Scape Exploration 

Is there an adrenaline crash after skydiving? Typically, yes. Why does this happen? During a skydive (especially your first time), the body’s “fight or flight” response is cued up, which leads to an influx of adrenaline. Once the experience is over, the body slowly releases adrenaline to return to its normal state. So although this doesn’t mean your adrenaline falls below your baseline, going from the ultimate high back to normal life can feel like a crash. This “let down” generally leaves people feeling a bit tuckered out. 

That being said, these after effects of skydiving don’t have to prohibit you from living the rest of the day to its fullest. Skydiving also catalyzes a release of other chemicals. Serotonin and dopamine are released during a skydive in abundance! So although the adrenal let-down may leave you feeling a bit drained, the happy hormones can counteract it! 

We are located less than an hour from both Madison and Milwaukee! Whether you’re a foodie, into the art of craft brewing, or simply enjoy exploring a new city, we’re in the prime location. 

2. Grub

Does a return to baseline adrenaline levels mean you’ll be feeling tired after skydiving? Possibly, but it’s nothing a little food can’t fix! 

Although we definitely recommend eating before your skydive, the high-intensity demand of the sport is bound to leave you famished. And what better way to celebrate than a lunch or dinner out with friends on one of the most monumental days of your life! The surrounding area has restaurant options to satisfy everyone. 

3. Get Out In Nature 

Is it normal to cry after skydiving? Well … we wouldn’t say that it is typical, BUT skydiving is a very, very special thing that just might make you cry. And if tears do come to you, you should consider yourself fortunate – you truly understand why we jump! 

Is skydiving good for anxiety? Absolutely. Avid skydivers often joke that skydiving is cheaper than therapy – we call it thAIRepy! The release of happy chemicals throughout our bodies, sense of accomplishment, and pure acceptance and support the skydiving community gives are all mental benefits of skydiving. 

What does this have to do with getting outside? Well, after experiencing the beauty of the earth from a couple miles up, it can be very humbling and grounding to soak in our world from a closer, different perspective. We are located a short 15 minutes from Aztalan State Park!

4. Hit The Spa

We’ve seen that skydiving induces lots of good hormones that flood into our bodies at a fast pace. If the come down makes you want to lay down and relax, go for it! Heading to the spa for a well-deserved treatment or sauna can be the perfect, self-indulgent end to an exhilarating day. Even stopping by a nail salon to sit and reflect before jumping back into the real world is fab. 

Skydiving in late fall near Milwaukee, Wisconsin is cold - when does skydiving season end?

5. Video Party 

First of all, if you’re wondering if it’s worth it to get a video of your jump, it 100% is. A first skydive only happens once, even if you continue on to get licensed and shred the skies with friends, you will never get that first jump back. 

Planning a video viewing party post-jump is the coolest way to introduce your friends and family to the beauty of the skies! Sometimes words just can’t do an experience justice, and a close up recording of you having a blast is as close as we can get to the real thing without actually doing it. 

6. Small Celebration 

A more private celebration may be in order if your first skydive marked a milestone event for you – perhaps a special birthday or taking back autonomy after beating an illness or overcoming a hardship. Or maybe you’re finally checking “Skydive!” off the bucket-list! Whatever it is – we’re proud of you, and no doubt your support crew is too! A small and intimate party is the perfect end to the spectacular and monumental event of crushing your goals with a skydive. 

How Do You Feel The Day After Skydiving?

One word: Euphoric. What does skydiving do for you mentally? Skydiving boasts loads of mental benefits, such as a newfound perspective on life, feelings of joy, and an increase in positive energy. 

The good thing is … this feeling is constantly obtainable! If you fall in love with the sky after your first jump (which we’re confident you will), we encourage you to learn to skydive solo.

Ready to take the leap of your life? We can’t wait to fly with you! Blue skies!