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Are Skydiving Videos Worth It?

Skydiving Photos & Videos

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 12 months ago

Let me ask you this … if you could go back in time and capture the best moments of your life on video, would you? If your answer is yes, then the answer to the question “are skydiving videos worth it?” is an obvious: YES! Skydiving videos are 100% worth it. Let’s jump into why skydiving videos are awesome, how much they cost, and how to look great in your video!

Tandem skydiver about to jump and have photos and videos taken at Wisconsin Skydiving Center

What Are the Benefits of Skydiving Videos?

Skydiving videos are like treasure chests of epic proportions! They do so much more than just capture your gravity-defying moments. They’re like time capsules that preserve the sheer thrill of skydiving, so you can relive the awesomeness over and over again. 

Remember that rush of excitement, the rollercoaster of emotions, the intense sensations during your jump … and the overwhelming feeling of empowerment and accomplishment when you landed? Well, guess what? Skydiving videos bring all of that back, even when you’re just chilling on your couch in your PJs. Talk about teleportation!

How Can Skydiving Videos Enhance the Experience?

Skydiving videos capture more than just the freefall portion of your jump. They’ll cover your entire experience from gearing up to riding in the airplane, your exit, freefall, canopy flight, landing, and everything in between! They’re like a mini-documentary that serves as a permanent reminder that you achieved something truly extraordinary. 

If you have friends or family with you on your trip, they can even make a cameo in your video! This enhances your experience by permanently capturing the beauty of the entire process: your support system, your navigation through emotions, and you coming out on the other side beaming with joy.

Not only that but skydiving videos give you something to focus on during the jump. Your videographer will help keep you focused on the fun parts of the jump, allowing you to stay immersed in the experience and not let anxiety bubble to the surface. 

First time tandem skydiver at Wisconsin Skydiving Center getting a skydiving video

Are There Any Downsides to Purchasing Skydiving Videos?

In our humble opinion, nope. BUT, we may be a little biased. We’ve heard some of these concerns from customers before who just can’t decide if videos are a good choice for them:


  • Concern: Skydiving videos are an additional expense on top of the price of the skydiving experience itself.
  • Reality: Yes – videos are an extra fee. But they’re usually less expensive than a trip to the grocery store. Think of it this way: you’ll only make your first skydive once. Isn’t that worth it?


  • Concern: The quality of the final video may not be worth the money – maybe the editing isn’t good or the resolution of the video is poor. 
  • Reality: At Wisconsin Skydiving Center, our skydiving videos are shot by dedicated professionals with top-notch equipment. The quality of your final video will be fit for even the most particular people!

Safety & Distraction

  • Concern: Focusing on the video recording during the jump may distract you from fully enjoying the experience or compromise safety if not handled properly.
  • Reality: We’ve found that having your own personal videographer isn’t distracting, but really cool! Having someone else in freefall in front of you allows you to have a better perspective on human flight and actually enriches your experience. Our highly experienced videographers will not affect the safety of your jump!

Ultimately, the decision to get pictures and video comes down to personal preference. Not everyone may be interested – and that’s ok too! We won’t pressure you into getting the video if it’s just not your thing.

First time tandem skydiver happy she got video of her first skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee

How Much Do Skydiving Videos Cost?

The cost of skydiving videos can vary depending on several factors, including the skydiving center and the type of video package. At Wisconsin Skydiving Center, we have four video and photo packages available:

  • Freefall Photography: $99 per person
  • Freefall Video: $99 per person
  • Freefall Video & Stills Photography: $119 per person
  • Freefall Video & Stills Photography + Social Media Clip: $129 per person

Can You Hold Your Phone While Skydiving? Like, Can’t I Take My Own Video? 

That’s going to be a big negative, ghost rider. Don’t even think about holding your phone while skydiving – it’s against the rules. During a jump (or on exit or under canopy), keeping a tight grip on your phone is like trying to hold onto a slippery fish covered in butter. Slippery, slippery fish. Trust us, it’s a recipe for disaster sprinkled with a pinch of “Oops, I dropped it!” 

How Do You Look Good in Skydiving Video?

OK, bestie. Looking good in your skydiving video is not the most important thing (having fun is, duh!). That being said, we totally understand your desire to be as camera-ready as possible. Here are a few tips that, in our experience, keep you looking fly while you fly (see what we did there?):

  • Choose clothing that stands out from the pale blue sky! Wear vibrant colors or your favorite (pre-approved) costume. 
  • Get your hair out of your face. Really, pull your hair back to keep it from whipping all over the place, and all in your instructor’s face.
  • Keep your glasses on or contacts in if you usually wear them. You don’t want to be all blurry-eyed! We’ll give you goggles to help keep them safe.
  • Look out in front of you instead of staring down at the ground (or else your footage will be of the top of your head).
  • Smile! You probably won’t even be able to help it with all the happy hormones flowing through you, but this one is a big help in reducing the amount of face flapping!
  • Have something important (or funny) to say? Write a message on your hands or forearms.
Girl tandem skydiving with take chances written on her hands at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

Can I Share Skydiving Videos on Social Media?

Ummm, ya! Oftentimes, that’s the point! You can totally share skydiving videos on social media platforms. In fact, we recommend it! Sharing your skydiving videos on social media can allow you to engage with friends, family, and followers. They’ll be able to see your adventure and you might even inspire them with your thrilling experience. One of our video packages even includes a social media clip we can create for you – so easy!

Are you ready to make your sky-flying debut? Book your skydive with Wisconsin Skydiving Center! Blue skies!