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Why Is Skydiving So Popular?

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 1 year ago

Skydiving is such a sought-after activity because it is so mysteriously awesome! Whether you’re wondering why “go skydiving” is a legendary bucket-list item or what’s going through the people’s heads who get hooked and become licensed skydivers, we’ve got you covered. Let’s get into it!

Woman giving thumbs up in freefall during first tandem skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

What is so special about skydiving?

While the sport of skydiving possesses lots of special qualities, some of the top include: surges of all the happy chemicals throughout your body, feelings of accomplishment and self-confidence, and huge friendship gains (#skydivingfamily). Skydiving presents the unique opportunity to conquer fears, learn new skills, and meet awesome people, all in a safety-oriented, welcoming, and non-judgemental environment.

You get the “happies”

What happens to your brain when you skydive? When we do something exhilarating and fun our brains release a bunch of happy chemicals all at once. These include dopamine, serotonin, endorphins, and adrenaline – which really keep the excitement level high! This is what makes jumping from an airplane so addictive! There are very few activities on our lovely Mother Earth that result in this concoction of chemicals simultaneously flowing through your body. And guess what? It doesn’t stop after your first jump. 

What exactly does skydiving feel like? While every single skydive feels a little bit different than the last, the amount of gleeful satisfaction it brings never gets old. For example, someone doing their first jump may be excited to experience something totally new and out of their element, while the person on their 20th jump is pumped to master a new skill, and the person on their 2000th jump is happy to be shredding the skies with new friends. The point is, the level of happiness from a skydive never dissipates, the catalyst behind the stoke just changes a bit.

Man smiling with joy under canopy at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

An incredible feat

What type of person goes skydiving? Someone who wants to bust through the blues and live big! Everyone is nervous to jump, at least a little bit, especially for the first time. If you’re scared, say you’re scared! It’s better to be humble and realize the magnitude of jumping out of an airplane than to be too cool for school and act like you have zero fear. You don’t have to be that guy around us! Whether you’re a bit anxious about the height, the airplane, the act of jumping itself, or just doing something new (which scares everyone), it’s an awesome feeling to conquer to rise to your own challenge!

Skydiving enables you to punch fear in the face and take control, all while practicing extreme mindfulness. While we’re not psychologists by any means, we’ve found that one of the benefits of conquering our fears in the sky is that it better prepares us to smash our fears on the ground. Literally floating above your fears and worries on the ground gives your brain permission to say, “hey you, you’re bigger than all that.” And it’s an epiphany that sticks with you, whether you jump one time or 1,000!

The growth never stops!

On your very first skydive, you’ll be briefed on the basics and learn a lot about the atmosphere of the sport and how you handle yourself in an unfamiliar environment – the sky! When someone starts their adventure to skydive solo, they’ll be fed a hefty helping of facts and figures. And when someone is far along in their skydiving journey, they’ll still be learning constantly! 

It’s true that skydivers get more comfortable as they continue to jump, but we strive to never get complacent as we learn new skills. So, is that dude with 500 skydives still a little nervous before they jump? Sure thing! The nervousness transitions from the exhilarating fear of the first few times to something more subdued, but it’s still there. Skydivers have an inherent desire to improve and to help inspire, encourage, and mentor others along the way. A deliberate balance of confidence and humility over cockiness ALWAYS WINS!

Tandem skydivers happy and giving high fives after skydive at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

Strangers to friends to family

Whether you’re a WUFFO* or a veteran jumper visiting a new dropzone, you’re guaranteed to be welcomed with open arms. Remember what we mentioned above? Skydivers aspire to boost others in their jumping journey. While this evidently relates to advancing in the sport, it also means that we help each other outside of the dropzone. Running late and need someone to pack for you to make the first load? We got you! Need a couch to crash on? Someone will always have a spare. Similar to chess and math (although LOADS more fun), skydiving, in some sense, is a universal language. Once you integrate into the sport you’ll find people across the entire world who share the same passion for the sky as you do. It’s a pretty neat thing!  

  • *What the heck is a WUFFO? A skydiver’s term for someone who has never been skydiving and questions why one would do such a crazy thing. Example: Person A: “I went skydiving today!” Person B: “WUFFO!?!?!” (“what for”). 

Skydiving is sure to knock your socks off – ask anyone who’s ever jumped and we’ll bet our bippy that they’ll say it was more than worth it! Book today! And of course, don’t think twice about reaching out to us with any questions or concerns – we would love to hear from you!