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Skydiving Tips

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 10 years ago

Skydiving: Insider Tips to Enhance Your Skydiving Experience!

Before booking your skydive, there are a few tips you should know in advance to enhance your experience.

1. Not All DZs Are The Same – Before deciding on where to skydive, do your homework! We are amazed by how many people choose the skydiving center offering the cheapest deal. Deals are good (we offer them from time to time), but be sure the skydiving center you choose is reputable. Click here to read our recent post on how to select a dropzone.

2. The Best Time of Year – While summer is the busiest time of year for most skydiving centers north of Florida, the late spring (April – May) and early fall (September – October) offer up comfortably cool temps and excellent visibility. If forced to choose a specific time, we’d suggest the month of September as the spring tends to be a bit windy.

3. The Best Time of Day to Skydive – The best time of day to jump is as early as possible – especially during the summer months. Here’s why:

a). Wait Times. There aren’t any wait times (people ahead of you needing to jump) at the first time slot of the day. Arrive, train and jump! If there’s a weather delay, at least you’ll be the first one to the plane at the end of a weather delay.

b). Weather – It’s very typical to experience late afternoon thunderstorms as the day heats up. Also, if wind is forecasted, it’s typically lightest at the beginning of the day.

c). Temperature – it can be uncomfortable hot during the heat of the day! Stay cool by dodging the heat and getting in the air nice and early!

4. Eat Normally – Many people worry about being sick during a skydive. The truth is you’re more likely to get sick from not eating! Eat normally (unless you eat like a horse), but don’t overeat. With surges of adrenaline, blood sugar levels tend to drop and when that happens… well use your imagination. Trust us… eat normally and stay hydrated when at the dropzone, especially during the summer months.

5. Don’t Bring Your GoPro – All skydiving centers do offer photo and video services to their guests, but don’t get mad when you’re instructed to leave your GoPro at home – you’re not allowed to bring it with you for safety reasons.

The governing body for skydiving in the United States (the USPA) mandates that any skydiver with less than 200 skydives is not permitted to have a camera on a jump. Snag hazard – yes. But the biggest reason is distraction. Tandem guests and skydivers have a role to play during the skydive – this is not a carnival ride, and we need you to focus on your part and not on your camera.

6. Get The Photos – You can only make your first skydive once… get it documented! If you’re unable to afford the Video and Photos package, at least spring for the photos. Having 30+ images of one of the greatest adventures you will ever experience is completely worth it… not to mention your social circle will be amazed!