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4 Great Reasons To Skydive With Family

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 7 years ago

Skydiving-as-celebration is totally a “done” thing. When big milestones come up in life–

for example, a graduation, a big birthday, a proposal, a new job, a new relationship–lots of in-the-know people head to the dropzone to celebrate the special occasion. But what if it’s not just about celebrating a specific moment? What about reframing a day at the dropzone as a way to cement some incredible memories that last a lifetime for your family? We’d like to tell you that’s a GREAT idea–and here’s why:

Everything Old Is New Again.

Think you know your family members? Skydive with them, and you’ll see the most familiar faces of your entire lifetime in a brand-new light. The magic of skydiving is the way it jostles people way out of the ruts they create for themselves–and elevates them in more ways than simple altitude can explain. When you skydive with someone, no matter how well you know them (or think you do), you’ll meet that person like never before. Aren’t you curious?

Skydiving Is A Fabulous Way To Bond.

Making a skydive is a profound experience, and you’ll emerge hungry to share it with someone you care about–especially if they understand you as well as your family does. Getting the chance to triangulate your freefall experience with someone who speaks your language–and just did it themselves!–has very few peers in the realm of communication high points. You’re going to be rehashing this day at the dinner table for years, trust us–that moment mom was so much braver than you thought she was going to be, or that ridiculous snorty laugh grandpa made when he landed. From time to time we have three, even four generations of the same family skydive together on the same day. Talk about a family affair!

You Can Make A Super-fun Day Of It For Everybody.

Skydiving is, of course, not your typical family outing. Make a day of it! It’ll still be a hootin’-hollerin’ good time even if not everybody jumps. Try to rustle up as much of the extended family as possible to come out, commandeer our public barbecue, roll out the cooler with your favorite beverage (save the brew for after your skydive… it tastes better!), pop up cushy lawn chairs on our porch or front lawn and watch the fun. Our absolute minimum age to make any kind of skydive is 18 years old, however people of all ages are welcome at our dropzone, old, young, and young at heart!

You’ll Get To Introduce Your Family To Our Family.

The sport of skydiving comprises a tight, worldwide community of adventurists who live to fly. Many of us refer to each other as “skyfamily,” and we mean it–no matter where on this planet we meet, we have each others’ backs. We come from all walks of life, all socioeconomic backgrounds, all cultures, races and nationalities. We’re bankers; artists; foresters; farmers; math professors; janitors; police officers; clergy; college students. We’re everywhere, and we’re family. We’re always excited to meet new members–and your family is more than welcome in our big, blue living room!