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Skydiving Photos & Videos

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 10 years ago

We’ve scoured the interwebs and watched countless skydiving videos from all over the world! We’ve created our Top 10 list of the best skydiving videos of 2014…. enjoy!

1. The Burj Khalifa Jump – Two dudes jumping off of the highest building in the world in wingsuits… EPIC!

2. How To Skydive – if the music doesn’t get your toes tapping… then something’s wrong! Awesome video that displays the spirit of skydiving.

3. CarolinaFest 2014 – Beautiful skydives and a great edit from our friends down in Carolina!

4. The Perfect Speed – This is beautiful and artistic. Take it in and then call your local dropzone… ‘cos you’ll want to skydive after watching it!

5. Dance Off, PD Style – There was a national dance competition that swept the nation. The folks at Performance Designs KILLED IT!

6. Vector Festival DESIRE – All the way from Europe… those dudes know how to skydive over there!

7. BRO – This is a beautiful video in everyway. You’ll enjoy this one – guaranteed!

8. The French Freefly HD Record – The French are some of the best flyers in the world! It showed with their national head down record. Skydiving porn, really.

9. Skydive Chicago Star Search – Night jumps like you’ve never seen before! The visuals here are amazing!

10. Red Bull NY City Skydive – We’ve all seen it, but we never get tired of watching it! AWESOME!