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The Best Skydiving Experience in the Midwest


Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 4 years ago

Hi everyone! We feel a little strange writing about this topic, but according to our marketing guy, it’s important that we write a topic about skydiving in the Midwest…something to do with Google search (we like to be transparent). So, if you’re looking for skydiving in the Midwest and you happened to land on this page, well, I guess our marketing guy’s strategy worked because you found us! Before we lose you, we’ll take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and share how we differ from others.

The best skydiving in the Midwest – A group shot of the staff at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee, WI

Welcome – Meet the Fam!

Wisconsin Skydiving Center is a family-owned and operated business.  We think it’s important to mention this because this is the secret weapon that separates us (humbly said of course) from other skydiving centers in Wisconsin, throughout the Midwest, and by some, the entire world!  As a family-run business, we really care.  We love pleasing people and are driven to ensure that everyone who jumps with us has a life-changing experience. In other words, we sweat the details!

If you call us to make a reservation, it’s likely you’ll speak with me (Alex). I run the behind the scenes aspect of our business and occasionally make a few video jumps of our guests when things aren’t too busy. If you’ve checked out our social media, it’s likely you’ve virtually met my husband Bo. Bo has over 16,000 skydives and has just about every skydive rating (license) possible. Bo is passionate about skydiving because of how it makes people feel; it’s his vehicle to connect with others and to show that we’re all capable of doing big things!  We have three kids and it’s likely you’ll see them running around the dropzone on any given day. Our skydiving center is family-friendly and we encourage our guests to bring their families to enjoy the sights and sounds of skydiving as well as have a barbecue while supporting those that are jumping.

The Best Skydiving Experience in the Midwest at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee

Our Core Values

In the skydiving industry, there can be a lot of burnout and it’s something we wanted to avoid when we started our business in 1998. Having worked at many high-volume skydiving centers, we felt that burnout and lost sight of what skydiving is all about. Our desire was to build a dropzone that people would love coming to and that had to include our staff.

Rather than build a high-volume operation whereby the faces of our guests become blurred due to instructors jumping from sunrise to sunset, we’ve elected to take the opposite approach. We take on less volume which allows us to focus on our guests, one jump at a time. With that in mind, we are dedicated to developing a rich culture that is built on our core values. Our core values serve as our “north star.” All decisions we make are in agreement with these values: 

  • Deliver an amazing experience
  • Treat each other with honesty and respect
  • Be passionate and determined
  • Continuously learn and grow
  • Enjoy the journey and have tons of fun

We don’t think we’re any better than anyone else by proclaiming our values, but they have worked for us and we want you to know what we stand for should you elect to visit our operation. The takeaway is we want to enjoy what we do and the people we meet and our values keep that in the correct perspective in both good times and bad.

People First

Should you choose to jump with us, you can expect to meet genuinely good people who are passionate about what they do and enjoy connecting with others. We believe that we’re in the hospitality industry as much as we are the skydiving industry. When hiring, we’ve always considered that who you are is more important than what you know and our guests can feel that difference. We invite you to read our reviews to get a sense of our skydiving team – we think they’re the best in the entire midwest (and if we’re honest… the country… and yes, we’re super proud of them!)

Gear and Aircraft Maintenance

While Bo is the face of the organization, he is also the man behind the scenes who maintains our equipment and aircraft. Because of our smaller size, Bo is able to oversee this department as he is a certified FAA Master Rigger and an A&P mechanic. You can feel confident that the person who maintains the equipment for our guests is also the person who jumps and flies with that equipment. His standards are very high and safety is our highest priority.

A Different Kind of Experience

If you’re searching for a skydiving experience, we’d love you to consider skydiving with us. If you live in Chicago, we’re not your closest option, but we invite you to look beyond the search term of “skydiving near me” if you’re seeking an experience that will leave you feeling inspired. Thanks to word of mouth we routinely host guests from Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, Wisconsin Dells, the entire Midwest, New England, the west coast, and even as far away as New Zealand simply because of the care we show our guests. We believe a great skydiving experience goes beyond the physical act of skydiving; it begins the moment you walk through our door.

Are You Ready?

If you’re ready, so are we! We’d love the opportunity to host you for a tandem skydive and have you feel part of our community. We routinely host groups who love using our barbecue grills and relaxing in the shade amidst a day of skydiving. Booking is easy as is contacting us. We’d be honored if you allow us to take you on your first skydive!