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Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 10 years ago

1. World Team 400-Way February 8, 2006 – Undeniably, the most impressive record in history. The coordination involved in having 400 of the world’s best big way skydivers in the same place with the kind of aircraft support needed (4 C-130s) makes this so incredibly impressive! 2013 was supposed to bring a 500-way attempt, but issues with aircraft and other variables never allowed it to happen. Will this record ever be broken?

2. – Largest Vertical (Head Down) Vertical Formation 138-way August 4, 2012 – Highly technical and very dangerous, this world record involves the best of the best in the entire world to pull off. What makes this record so incredible is the speed and orientation involved – everyone flying in a head to earth position at speeds of 180+. This record will be beaten, but it will not be easy.

3. Largest Canopy Formation 100 – November 21, 2007 – An extraordinary undertaking, this record has been underappreciated for its complexity and incredible coordination. CRW (Canopy Relative Work) isn’t as popular as the other disciplines of skydiving and as a result have a much smaller pool to draw from. This record may stand for years to come, however advances in technology for better communications amongst larger groups make it achievable, if the depth of CRW grows to assemble the necessary talent to pull off a bigger record.

4. Most skydives in 24 hours – 640 – Jay Stokes September 9, 2006 – The endurance, mental toughness and coordination to pull of this record is monumental. In 2006, Jay Stokes jumped 640 times! The risk involved for making errors is great when combining fatigue and jumping all through the night. On September 5th and 6th of this year, Jay will attempt to break this record with 700 jumps in 24 hours.

5. Largest Female Formation 181-Way September 9, 2006 – In a sport dominated by men, this is an impressive record combining some of the most elite female skydivers from around the world. The coordination required to identify and assemble this pool of women was great and extremely difficult. The record centered around raising awareness for breast cancer and a subsequent documentery movie was made called Pink Skies. More information about the film can be seen at It’s an inspirational movie and we all hope a 200-way attempt will happen soon!

6. Largest Wingsuit Formation 100-Way September 22, 2012 – The boundaries of wingsuiting are still being explored, but the members on the 100-way formation created in 2012 will be looked upon as the pioneers of wingsuit record breaking. As the discipline continues to grow due to huge exposure on YouTube and the availability of suits from Wicked Wingsuits this record will undoubtedly be smashed. The skill set is increasing as is the technology of the suits… bigger formations are to come!

7. Largest Vertical Women’s World Record 63-Way December 1, 2013 – This record will definitely grow! With the talent pool growing with the building of more and more wind tunnels, the sky really is the limit for this record. More worldwide coordination will grow and the women’s leadership in this discipline is strong to make this happen. Stay tuned for this record to break and begin its move higher on this list.

8 . Fastest Speed – Felix Baumgartner Red Bull Stratos 833.9mph October 14, 2012 – The world literally stopped to watch this amazing record come to life in real time. To date, this record attempt had the highest YouTube live audience in history.

9. Canopy Piloting – Fastest Speed – Greg Windmiller June 15, 2012 – As technology continues to push the limits of canopy design, faster speeds will be seen, but on June 15, 2012 Greg Windmiller blazed through a 70 meter course in an eye-popping 2.4 seconds!

10. Canopy Piloting Longest Distance – Nick Batsch June 15, 2012 – The Petra canopy burst on the scene in the hands of Nick Batsch who just kept going and going and going. Nick wasn’t beating the competition in distance – he was destroying the competition. Don’t credit the technology alone, Nick is one of the undisputed best canopy pilots on the world!