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Why Skydiving Is Addictive

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Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 7 years ago

One thing they never tell you when you do your first skydive is this: Skydiving is addictive. You’re going to get hooked! Don’t worry, though: It’s the healthiest obsession on the planet. Here’s why.

1. You’ll Dig Deep Into Some Compelling Mysteries–and Emerge With Very Personal Answers.

What is your true relationship to risk? How well-honed is your decision-making process under pressure? How well do you know yourself? What are you really made of? When you start skydiving, you’ll start answering all kinds of questions like these, and you’ll keep turning up unexpected answers. As a result, you’ll naturally start thinking more experimentally about what’s possible, while keeping consequences well in mind (after all, gravity exists, and so does the ground). You’ll be amazed at the knock-on effect that such a philosophical tune-up can have on your life-at-large.

2. You’ll Learn To Work Well With Other People In A High-pressure Environment.

Solo skydives are a rarity indeed. The majority of sport skydives involve anywhere from two or three to dozens of other skydivers sharing the sky at once. Often, all these skydivers at least know each other; sometimes, they don’t. While many of these jumps are headed up by what’s known in the sport as a “load organizer,” plenty of ‘em are planned and nailed by a group of ordinary jumpers, talkin’ it out.

That seems pretty simple; in fact, it’s not. The cognitive puzzle inherent in orchestrating a cooperative effort in a team environment requires a variety of skills to be demonstrated by everyone involved: clarity of communication; honest representation of skills and goals; compromise; attentiveness; judiciousness. To put this in context, all of this goes on as you are plummeting to the ground at 120mph. When a jump goes well, these qualities are reinforced in the jumpers, and it just feels good.

3. You’ll Strengthen Your Stick-to-it Muscle.

The sport of skydiving attracts people who love to get a complicated jump totally nailed–people who hop on plane-after-plane-after-plane with a group of similarly-focused fellow athletes to get a particular planned jump perfected down to the details. It’s populated by people who are willing to pack parachutes diligently and with precise attention to detail.

You’ll find plenty of skydivers who are willing to get out of planes in the dead of winter (when it is really, really cold at altitude) so they don’t get rusty over the cold season. You’ll meet jumpers who have worked hard enough in the sport to be able to push the limits of physics in ways you didn’t think were possible. You’ll see dedication in action, and you’ll want to be right at the molten core of it.

4. You’ll Find Yourself An Integral Part Of A Tight Community Of Fantastic People.

Skydiving is a sport, of course–but it’s also a community. As members of this worldwide fraternity/sorority of like-minded humans, all of us members of the worldwide “sky-family” tend to share core values and a sense of mutual support. We come from all walks of life; all backgrounds; all cultures; all philosophies, but at the end of the day–we’re jumpers. That sense of community keeps us coming back, again and again and again.


While you are skydiving, your mind does not wander. You are in the space of singular focus, your senses are hyperactive, and you are completely in the “now”. It’s one of the things we love most about skydiving!

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