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Why People Say They Wish They’d Done it Sooner!

Skydiving Tips

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 7 years ago

Skydiving has earned a reputation as the world’s number-one “bucket list” item, but listen up: This is something you’re going to want to check off, like, this weekend.

We should know! We’ve been doing this for decades, and every day we hear new jumpers bemoan the fact that they should have done it sooner. The only cure for this? Break it down! Let’s talk about the top reasons people give not to make a skydive today–then knock ‘em down, item by item.

“I have to work up the bravery!”

We get it! Skydiving is scary. The thing is, though: That’s what makes it so wonderful, and what gives it the power to transform you. If you jumped out of a plane without being scared (which doesn’t ever happen, by the way), you’d get no benefit from the experience other than a high-five and a pretty view. It’s facing the fear that makes the journey…so the sooner you accept that the bravery ain’t gonna make itself, the better off you’ll be. Promise.

“I don’t have enough money to skydive!”

Again, we get it. You have to understand, though, that what it costs to skydive pales in comparison to the return on the investment.

It helps to put it in perspective, a la “latte factor.” The cost of that all-important first tandem skydive is the cost of foregoing your daily cappuccino for just about two little months–it’s that simple. You can afford the jump if you bring your lunch to work for just a couple of weeks instead of eating out–or just one or two big nights out with friends.

Pretty much everybody in the sky started on a more-or-less serious budget. We met the challenge in different ways: we ramped up what we threw in the coin jar; we nabbed side gigs (including, y’know, packing other skydivers’ parachutes in between jumps, which is a classic); we sold unused stuff that was gathering dust at home; we made peanut-butter-and-jelly sandwiches. Skydiving might seem like an odd thing to prioritize financially, but you’ll see in the skydivers around you that it’s an investment that spits out profound returns.

“I have kids to think about!”

Priorities! We know. We have kids, too! We’ll just leave you with this information: Statistically speaking, skydiving is safer now than driving a car–and family-run dropzones like ours are great places for kids to hang out. Bonus: A significant percentage of our sport-skydiving community comprises of other parents, so you can expect your extended family to share your family-first values.

“I have to wait for my friends to get on board!”

Y’know what? Sometimes you just have to go without them. They’ll come out the next time. Just lead the way! Perhaps they’re waiting for you.

One thing is for certain: Skydiving is worth the wait, but you should make that first jump just as soon as you can get yourself to the dropzone. No matter how quickly you make it out to us, you’ll be certain to have that overwhelming feeling of “I wished I did this sooner!” Everybody does.