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Instructor Spotlight

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 10 years ago

Everyone has a unique and interesting story and Jenny Buck is no different! The convergence of interesting backgrounds and interests makes up a great culture within an organization and Jenny contributes to that. Read about Jenny, her interests and how she got into skydiving in this week’s 10 Questions With… Jenny Buck.

1. What attracted you to the sport of skydiving?

JB: I’ve always been a bit of a thrill seeker. I would always climb trees and ride my bike down hill to pick up speed when I was a kid. I first became interested in skydiving when I watched the movies Point Break, Drop Zone, and Cutaway. I was fascinated and wanted to try skydiving.

2. What influenced you to actually make the phone call to make your first skydive?

JB: What made me act on my interest in skydiving was when I realized that there was a skydiving place only 20 minutes from my house. I was driving with my parents on Hwy 26 and saw the skydiving center sign. I didn’t know there was a place that close and started to look into jumping there. I had to convince my parents to sign for me so I could jump because I was 17 year old at the time. It took some convincing but they eventually agreed to let me jump. My dad and I called and I did my first tandem skydive that summer. I was hooked. I eventually did two more tandems and then started to work on getting licensed. I’ve been jumping since.

3. What’s the most memorable skydive you’ve ever been on?

JB: There are so many memorable skydives. A few are my first tandem, my first AFF jump, being released as a student, my first solo jump, jumping out of a PAC airplane, recurrency jumps and jumping with my best friend during her 2nd tandem.

4. Who / What inspires you?

JB: Everyone inspires me in there own way. I try to learn from the positives and the negatives in life. I also try to be open to new ideas and look at both sides of life.

5. Of the places you have visited – what is your favorite place and why?

JB: That’s hard for me to just pick one. I guess my favorite place to travel to would be the Apostle Islands in Northern Wisconsin. It is such a beautiful place to be. I love to explore the different islands. The berry orchards are also a lot of fun to go to. The berries are the best I have ever tasted. There is also a lot of hiking trails and cool shops in town (Bayfield). I try to get up there at least once a year.

6. What other interests do you have outside of skydiving?

JB: I have a lot of interests. I love being outdoors. I like to hike, camp, fish, kayak, swim, whitewater raft, and travel. I also like movies, tv, video games, music and reading books.

7. What is something about you that few people know about?

JB: Something that few people know about me is that I am really interested in space. I love to learn more about astrophysics and deep space objects. Like dark matter, dark energy, black holes, spaghettification, string theory, exoplanets and different galaxies to name a few. I have a bunch of books about space and am always interested in learning more.

8. What’s on your bucket list?

JB: I don’t really have a “bucket list”. I get an idea of something that I want to do and work toward making it happen.

9. What do you do for work? If you could do anything as an occupation – what would it be?

JB: I pack parachutes and edit the skydiving videos at WSC. I also work at a farm near my house sorting corn and picking pumpkins. Right now I am about a year away from earning my degree as an Elementary Education Major. My goal is to become an elementary school teacher.

10. What are your future goals?

My future goals are to work towards my C-license. I also want to work toward getting my coach rating, become a parachute rigger and get my pilots license. I also want to travel as much as possible and work toward my advanced open water scuba diving rating.