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6 Reasons Why Skydiving is the Perfect Outdoor Team Building Activity

Why Skydive

Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 5 years ago

At the Wisconsin Skydiving Center, we love to build teams. People are as much our bailiwick as freefall, in all honesty. Plus, the incredible results we see from all that outdoor team building activity that takes place on our skydiving dropzone… well, if you’re calculating the ROI based on smiles, high-fives, and firmly-cemented interpersonal connections, there’s simply no better business decision you could make. 

Skydiving is the perfect corporate team building activity!

Corporate team building activities have a strange place in the business landscape, no? There’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that team bonding activities can bring together working communities like no water-cooler chatter ever could. That said, the idea of “extreme team building” often just kinda lends itself to being the subject matter of funny sitcom sequences. (Piling into a raft and pushing out into whitewater with Esmerelda from Accounting? NO THANKS.)

But what if you could bring together the best parts of team bonding activities without the cringe-humor bad parts? Just imagine that your chosen outdoor team building activity could unite both the participants and the conscientious objectors. And what if it could be simple for the organizer, too?

That’s what we do at the Wisconsin Skydiving Center. Seriously, we do.

1. Skydiving team building FOSTERS remarkable trust among participants

Skydiving is the perfect sports team bonding activity

Take it from us: this ain’t no silly trust fall exercise. It’s a true trust fall — but your team will learn to trust each other in a wholly different way. (One that doesn’t involve trying not to drop Herbert from Marketing, who has been hitting the cheese curds way too hard lately.) This kind of trust involves vulnerability of a much more profound kind, and the happy ending of a beautiful landing sets it in cement.

2. Skydiving team building creates strong bonds — and then sets them in stone immediately

A skydiving corporate team building adventure is gonna boost morale like you’re not going to believe. It’ll foster a spirit of cooperation and community, ‘cause jumping out of a plane in short succession makes you realize, in full living color, that you’re all in this together.

3. Sharing a fresh perspective increases the vision and focus your business needs

Team building is often about shifting perspectives on the world, on challenges, and on the people around you. In that way, no other outdoor team building activity comes close to skydiving (no indoor ones, either!)

In order to shift one’s perspective in a general sense, it’s often helpful to shift one’s perspective on oneself, right? In all the world, there’s nothing like a skydive to take you out of yourself and demonstrate in no uncertain terms how capable you are of miracles. And when you see the familiar faces around you doing the same — the effect is nothing less than transformational.

Another fresh perspective for you: the magical unifying power of being in the same jumpsuit, goggles, helmet and tandem harness as the CEO.

High five the ceo
High-fiving your CEO after he’s jumped out of a plane can be an amazing corporate team building activity.

4. Fear transforms

There’s no escaping it: Skydiving is scary. And that’s great — ‘cause that’s where it gets its team building superpower. It’s perfectly natural to feel fear about jumping out of a plane. But it’s pushing past all that which delivers skydiving’s rocket-fueled emotional boost — and subsequent feeling of togetherness with other participants.

5. No one is left behind

Are you bringing along teammates who don’t think they’re quite ready to make a jump? No worries! We’re happy to pull ‘em up a first-row seat to enjoy the action — and, when they get just a little bit more into it, they’re welcome to come along on an observer flight.

Even if one of your honored guests is simply not in the mood to hop into a plane, our friendly, beautiful dropzone is a delightful place to spend the day. Non-jumpers are welcome to hang out and cheer on the skydivers from our spectator-friendly grounds. There’s free, fast wi-fi throughout the campus, lots of shade, and a busy little grill on the porch.

6. It’s way easier than you think to get this magic into your corporate group’s life

At WSC, we pride ourselves on our cheerful, welcoming atmosphere. No “extreme” vibes here — just sharing the sky, family-style. To help you fast-forward to the fun part, we’ll be more than happy to help you plan the optimal day to celebrate your team’s many achievements — both in the sky and in the office — and build a team for the record books.

Reach out to us! Let’s make your corporate team building activity one to remember.

Group of people during the perfect outdoor team building activity - skydiving
What are you waiting for? Make skydiving your perfect outdoor team building activity!