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Can You Take Skydiving Selfies with Your Phone?

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Wisconsin Skydiving Center Posted by: Wisconsin Skydiving Center 2 years ago

If you’re asking, “Can I take my phone with me skydiving?” Then you’re really asking if you can hold your phone in front of your face while rocketing through the great blue sky at 120 mph during your tandem skydive … no, you cannot. BUT, this isn’t a bad thing! You can 1000% get a tandem video and photos, and one of our top-notch, professional videographers will happily do all the hard work for you. Let’s jump into the “whys” of not being able to take your phone or camera on your skydive.

Skydiving Instructor Dan Schultz of Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago takes a selfie
Professional skydiver, Dan Schultz, takes a selfie as a part of a coordinated skydiving event.

Can You Take a Camera Skydiving?

No, tandem skydivers can’t. But not having your camera or phone during your skydive experience will let you fully enjoy the moment while being free from distraction, prevent losing your valuables, and mitigate the possibility of injury.  

Carpe Diem

Skydiving is a magical and life-changing experience that you should be fully present for! Aside from creating a potentially dangerous or unwanted situation, distractions take our minds off of what is happening at the moment. Do you want to remember trying to hold onto your phone or taking in the breathtaking scenery? Besides, the United States Parachute Association (USPA), strictly prohibits tandem students from bringing anything on their skydive. In fact, you’ll be asked to empty your pockets completely and remove any hats or jewelry before jumping. 

See Ya (Never)!

The sky is large. When you’re hurtling through the air almost 2 miles above the earth, we don’t want your phone (or anything else!) flying out of your possession. We can assure you that you have a greater chance of seeing a purple flying elephant say “Hi” to you during your skydive than finding your phone or camera once it escapes your grasp – no matter how tight you promise you can hold on! This brings us to our next and most important point…safety. 

Woman yelling while in tandem skydive freefall after jumping from a plane at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago


Do you know how you can accidentally bump into someone while you’re walking and staring at your phone? You fix this with a quick, “Whoops, sorry!” Imagine what could happen while you’re skydiving! Have you ever dropped your phone on your face while you’re lying down (lol, we all have), it hurts right?! We don’t want your phone smashing into your or your instructor’s face – this would seriously hurt SO bad.

Did you know that it’s recommended for skydivers to have a minimum of 200 skydives before even thinking about attaching a GoPro to their helmet or wearing it on their hand with a mount? This is because cameras (and phones) can act as a huge distraction from the task at hand and create something called a “snag hazard.” This means that it creates more surface area on their bodies for something (like a parachute, plane, or another jumper) to run into or get caught on. Basically, it presents an additional hazard, and until you’re well-versed in the sky it’s recommended that you don’t bring one 

How Do You Take Pictures While Skydiving?

As a society, we’re always taking photos and this is especially true at big events. From birthdays and graduations to weddings, sporting events, and even nights out … if these are worthy of photographing, then your first skydive definitely deserves to be! So, can you actually take a selfie while skydiving? Well, you can’t, but your instructor or videographer can. We are sure to document the entire experience, from gearing up to landing from your jump (LET’S GOOOO!!). 

How Do Professional Skydivers Take Pictures and Video?

Professional skydivers wear a GoPro, or another type of camera, on their helmet or hand, but they’re not “normies” like us! They have trained hard. In order for your instructor to even apply to get their tandem instructor rating they have to have at least 500 skydives – this is a lot more than 200! Plus, it’s recommended they have at least 200 tandem jumps alone without a camera – safety really is our top priority. 

Video of tandem skydiving at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Chicago

Should I Get Pictures or Video for Skydiving?

Is the hype worth it? YES! There are a couple of reasons that we strongly recommend getting a video of your first skydive.

  • Your first time is something special. There are skydivers who have thousands of skydives and skimped out on getting their very first jump recorded, and it’s still a regret to this day because the first time only happens once. Having the experience as a keepsake lets you relive the moment wherever you want!
  • Proof. 10 days or 10 years after your skydive you’ll come across someone you’ll want to tell about your awesome experience. Don’t you want the physical, indisputable PROOF that you conquered your fears and experienced something incredible?! And of course, there’s the need to post on social media (don’t forget to tag #wisconsinskydivingcenter)!
  • All the memories. One day your grandkids will say, “My grandpa was so sick, he went SKYDIVING,” and they’ll be able to prove it and reminisce with you! Skydiving is truly special and will be a memory you hold for generations to come.
Skydiving videographer with GoPro filming tandem student at Wisconsin Skydiving Center near Milwaukee

How Do You Take Good Pictures for Skydiving?

Skydiving photos will be 10/10 no matter what your hair looks like, what you choose to wear, or if you even look “good.” Guess what? You’re going to be having the absolute time of your LIFE, so you’re naturally going to look good. Our top three tips to nail your skydiving photos are to smile, look at the camera (but don’t be engulfed by it), and relaxxxx. The last one is the hardest to achieve, but with some deep breaths and proper prep, we’re confident you can do it and get those awesome skydiving selfies. 

While you cannot take skydiving selfies with your phone, we’re so pleased to be able to take them for you! Please call, email, or stop by Wisconsin Skydiving Center if you have any questions! Blue skies.